Awesome New Poetry by Danny D. Ford

Punk Noir Magazine

The Boy Next Door

I used to hear him

having sex

she used to scream

right through

the wall

one day

he invited me in


he had something

to show me

it was a matchbox

full of ecstasy  

this one is speckled

and this one

has the logo of a car 

and this one is best left

till you’re ready

I didn’t mind

any of it

he was just always trying

to be a good brother


for Don D

I wonder

if you still

put cigarettes out

on your arm for fun

on balmy spring nights

or whether

tattooing your initials

across your entire ribcage

scratched that itch

I remember crying

with laughter



into each other’s faces

fifteen years on

I wonder

if you still

have a dip

& grin

teeth wide


protruding lip

bits of brown tobacco

waiting to be flicked 


Death by a Thousand Cunts

The Chinese

had Lingchi 

used to slowly cut 

strips of skin

from the body

with a blade

then of course there was

the Spanish tickler


the rack

& brodequin

most would agree

Western Europe

has moved on

since then

become more civilized 

but here in Italy

if you’re not careful

they will still send you 

to the department 

of motor vehicles

and if you’ve been really bad

to the post office

The Lorry

The lorry

had its hazards going

just before the traffic lights

where rivers of pupils 

ran every afternoon

she was three or

four ahead

of me

I knew 

who she was already 

because my dad 

flirted with her mum

at the football

but she hadn’t gained 

her reputation yet

she was three or 

four ahead

when she stepped up 

into the cab

& took the keys

from the ignition

half gasp

half laugh

all round


yet super quick 

she back was down 

& up the road

swinging them

round her finger

the river 

ran round the corner

opposite the pub

& that’s where

she threw the keys 

onto the back 

of a passing flatbed

wedged them 

right into the sand 

I always wondered

how long it took 

to find them

& whether  

the lorry driver

kept his job

I didn’t have to wonder

about what happened to her

it was all in the papers

glassed some poor sod 

in the face

& took a shit 

on the dance floor
Danny D. Ford’s first poetry collection ‘Slides for Alberto‘ will be published in May 2021 by Between Shadows Press. His poetry, illustrations and photography have appeared in various titles including ‘Double Feature‘ (by John Dorsey & Mike James) & ‘Perforated By Sirens‘ (co-authored with Mark Anthony Pearce) Analog Submission Press 2021 & 2020 respectively, Albany PoetsCacti FurInefávelHorror Sleaze Trash, Dumpster Fire Press, Cephalo Press, Superpresent Magazine, Ancient Heart MagazineBlack Listed MagazineDark Lane Quarterly CollaborativeBareHands, BS Poetry MagazineCoronaverses,& Winamop
The Unfolding Head’ is co-founder & compère of Dust Your Broom & print collective Never Kill a Rainbow, in Bergamo, Italy, where he lives and works as an English teacher.