Visceral by Linnet Phoenix

Linnet Phoenix, Poetry

Linnet Phoenix is a poet who currently resides in North Somerset, England. She has been writing poetry for years. Her work has previously been published in ImpSpired Magazine, New Verse News, Rye Whiskey Review, Punk Noir Magazine, Heroin Love Songs, Horror Sleaze Trash, Eighteen Seventy, Rusty Truck and by Shrouded Eye Press in Open Skies Quarterly and Dreamscape. She has poems in the upcoming Spring 2021 edition of Poetica Review and others. She also enjoys horse-riding in rainstorms.


‘What would you like?’ 

he asked. Her mind reared in reply.

I’d like to fuck you with those lights kept on

so I can stay staring in that sombre face,

watch as those fathomless dark eyes adjust, 

see excitement flicker as they register intent.

I want to comb catch that bay un-brushed hair, 

holding you just off pinch point to be kissed,

feel your breath caress me coffee sweetened, 

vanilla pressing my bare shoulders backwards.

I want you to snatch lift this black desire drifting, 

to raise me up onto your hip holding hand holsters, 

to wall dance me in leopard panting perspiration, 

to whisper lies like words written in love poems.

I want to go wild in the open wide countryside

with back grit scratched, grass stained smiles,

for you to carry me under the gnarled pine trees,

then make us pack howl to a white wolf moon.

“Just a cappuccino with chocolate dusting, thanks,”

she replied.