Recommended Reads: Rausch, Kalteis, Morr.

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Bloody Sheets

Bloody Sheets by Andy Rausch

Mob enforcer Coke’s son is murdered by the Ku Klux Klan and Coke heads off to redneck country to extract his bloody revenge. Bloody Sheets is a violent and powerful crime drama choc-full of great characters and crackling dialogue.


Poughkeepsie Shuffle by Dietrich Kalteis

In ’80s Toronto, an ex-con trying to go straight gets involved with gun running and violence ensues. Poughkeepsie Shuffle is a fast-moving combination of crime caper and convincing character studies that are worthy of peak period Elmore Leonard.

if you're not 1 percent

If You’re Not One Percent by Todd Morr

A man with a dark past hides out in a small town but is dragged into a world of violence by a group of local psychopaths.  If You’re Not One Percent is brilliant, blistering, hardboiled, grindhouse action. A belter. I loved it.