National School of Architecture – Nancy France – Livio VACCHINI Architecture by Simon P. Laurent.

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In 2012 Lorenzo Diez, director of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture of Nancy, personally contacted me and commissioned me to shoot some special interior and exterior photos of this particular school. The school itself architecturally, is a special place and beyond its facade, it has great poetic strength.

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The aim of this project is to present the building in its entirety. My personal research and investigations on this topic led me to discover the beauty of its poetry. One that does not exist at first glance, but dwells somewhere between suggestion, perception, construction and reconstruction. Somewhere between the work of Mexican architect Luis Barragan and the School’s architect Livio Vacchini. The poetry and beauty of this building came to life not only in color but also black and white, as seen though my lens.

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1 – “The most surprising part of the project for Nancy, was the poetic design in the use of concrete blades. They are space markers, light finders, wind stoppers, but above all, they create a faceless facade. One might think of Barragan, but Barragan only pursues poetry, he does not build it.”
Livo VACCHINI; works and projects; Roberto Masiero, Author; GG Editions, Barcelona,1 999



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Simon P. Laurent.

Photography by Simon P. Laurent

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080910Simon P. Laurent.

Art. Same as breathing. I share a critical approach and reflection on society linked to other disciplines leading toward a interdisciplinary speech on many subjects. Photography is a way of thinking the world, your own country, your relatives. Before thinking to YOURSELF. It is a good way to exist in our world. Seems like my pictures have two positions. Some of them are present reflexive : here and now. Some other are timeless. Engaged in the world we live in, they are reality explorations with a social, economical philosophical approach. However, art can help to distance ourselves from an austere reality.