Experimental post-punk project, Abrasive Trees release three-track debut

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Experimental post-punk project, Abrasive Trees have announced the release of a three-track single Bound For An Infinite Sea on Wise Queen Records/Shapta on Friday 4th September.

The title track, a driven, layered and atmospheric song with spectral, intricate guitars – sits alongside two more ambient, immersive tracks and features vintage drum-machines, acoustic drums recorded in a Victorian rectory and an array of acclaimed musicians.

Abrasive Treesis the solo project of Scottish-born guitarist and singer Matthew Rochford.  About the release he said:

 “These songs are a bit dark, but there’s also a positive energy behind them. In essence they are about the importance of staying compassionate – whatever the circumstances.  The title track is actually about witnessing suffering and finding a way to be empowered to do something meaningful in the face of sorrow.  There is so much intensity in this world and it can get a bit overwhelming can’t it?  I wrote and recorded these three songs amidst loss so there’s heartbreak, but also something hopeful and spiritual that I hope will connect with how others might be feeling right now.

“Creating music is simultaneously a release for me and an offering to those who feel that ‘just coping’ is a good day.  I think being a musician you learn the value of being in the moment and expressing what needs to be expressed. During this strange time, it’s especially important to me to stay present in a positive way and this single is part of that.

Matthew is a former member of Jo-Beth Young’s live and studio bands for RISE and Talitha Rise as well as being in the post-punk bands Council of Giants, The Impossible Moon and a recent Rothko collaborator.

The production features an line-up of collaborators including Jo Beth Young (RISE/Talitha Rise), Steven Hill (Evi Vine), Mark Parsons (Eat Lights Become Lights) and Matthew’s brother, Sebastian (Polar Bear/Pulled By Magnets).  The single was mixed and mastered by Mark Beazley (Rothko/The Band Of Holy Joy).

All three tracks are available on limited-edition cassette or CD or download from their bandcamp page on Friday 4th September as well as streaming via all the usual platforms.  A video to accompany the release (by visual artist Jess Wooler) will premier on the day prior to release.

Bio:  Abrasive Trees is the creative vehicle for the music of Matthew Rochford. 

Matthew was born in Aberdeen to Anglo-Indian/Anglo-Irish parents and has been playing guitar since he was a child. He’s a former member of Jo-Beth Young’s live and studio bands for RISE and Talitha Rise as well as being in the post-punk bands Council of Giants and The Impossible Moon. This year he has been recording for Mark Beazley’s Rothko and Jo Beth Young.


The approach is experimental and immersive and the sound could be described as spectral, layered and brooding with intricate, drone-drenched guitars.  The overall energy owes as much to post-punk as it does to ambient psychedelia, grunge or post-rock.

Strings, dulcimers, guitars that sound like old synths or sitars, voices in the distance and stories that take you somewhere. Esoteric bass, analogue drum machines and acoustic drums recorded in a Victorian house all help to forge the sound.

As well as writing the music, lyrics and producing, Matthew also sings, plays guitars, dulcimer, Ebow and programmes the analogue drum machine.

The debut single and video is scheduled for release September 2020 via Wise Queen Records with an album following in 2021.

An array of accomplished collaborators have contributed to the project so far, both live and in the studio:

Nadia Abdelaziz – Voice, Dulcimer

Ffion Atkinson (Johnny Powell and The Seasonal Beasts) – Voice

Mark Beazley (Rothko/Band of Holy Joy) – Electric Bass

​Laurence Collyer (Diamond Family Archive) – Shruti Box, Steel Guitar

Steven Hill (Evi Vine) – Guitars

​Jay Newton (Quiet Quiet Band)  – Keys

Mark Parsons (Eat Lights Become Lights) – Electric Bass

Ben Roberts (Evi Vine) – Cello

Seb Rochford (Polar Bear/Pulled By Magnets) – Drums

Peter Yates (Fields of The Nephilim) – Guitars

Jo-Beth Young (Talitha Rise/RISE/Yates & Young) – Voice, Guitars, Percussion, Tibetan Bowl, Recorder

Appearing on this single:

Steven Hill – Guitars

Mark Parsons – Electric Bass

Matthew Rochford – Vocals, Guitars, Drum Machine

Sebastian Rochford – Drums

Jo-Beth Young – Additional Voice

 Written and Produced by Matthew Rochford

Mixed and Mastered by Mark Beazley

Released by Wise Queen Records/Shapta

Publishing: Speegra


Temples by RISE

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rise strangers album.png

TEMPLES from the new album STRANGERS
LISTEN/BUY HERE smarturl.it/snw2gd.

Video by Alex T and RISE (Jo Beth Young)
Released by Wise Queen Records

Written and performed by RISE (Jo Beth Young)
Guitar: Peter Yates
Guitar: Matthew Rochford
Cello: Ben Roberts
Violin: Helen Ross
Drums: Ric Byer
Beats: Matt Blackie.

Mixed by Kev Bolus
Mastered by Denis Blackham.


New RISE (Talitha Rise) Album Featuring Fields of The Nephilim Guitarist to be Pre-Launched Via IndieGoGo Campaign

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rise strangers

Imagine a journey of 9 songs recorded by a team of 7 musicians in different counties, countries and locations.

Improvised ethereal pianos echoing around 600 year old Welsh farmhouses and vocals meandering across the craggy stone landscape of rural Ireland.

RISE’s new musical journey weaves together intimate and cinematic stories marrying echoes of the past with the present day.

Support the effort of this independently released album and become a Stranger no more.


Introducing the new ethereal progressive Indie-Folk album from RISE

A letter from RISE about the making of the album. 

The Music

It’s really exciting to present this album to you.  After 18 months of writing, recording and production (much of which was done whilst touring or travelling) it’s almost ready for release.  The final piece of the jigsaw is you.

The vision behind this creation was to use mainly improvised songs that were originally played only once and then hone them into multi-faceted, deeply textured, fully produced songs. You’ll hear ambient soundscapes, beats mixed with dark rock guitars, folky art-pop and rousing strings. It has been a liberating experience and is unbleached from the humanness behind the music so you can hear the piano pedals or floorboards creak, a clock tick, a dog bark or even the occasional bows hitting the mic.  It’s up close, vivid, yet full of mystery. 


The artwork for Strangers was something that came to me whilst walking in the Welsh mountains where the main thread of the album began. I felt an autumnal colour to the songs, the fading light of the past and yet a simultaneous resurgence and rebirth.

Craig Sinclair took this brilliant photo in the village I was born in Sussex and I worked on bringing the colours and layers into it to represent the feeling of the music itself – richly layered and emergent. I hope you enjoy it.


David Gray once wrote a line that has stuck with me – “and when we meet again, we will be strangers”. That, in‌ ‌a‌ ‌nutshell, the idea behind this album.

Did I mention rebirth and resurgence? This album traverses the challenge of the personal ‘abyss’ and the emergence from the bleakness of loss and separation. This gives way to hope, wisdom and the taking of responsibility.

Then there are the influences of the landscapes and buildings the songs were written in and around – each location adds another layer of meaning and context to the stories within each song.

An old Sewing Woman tells the story and lessons of her life by the fire whilst another in Strangers recounts her husband returning from war so changed that he is now unrecognisable. The inevitability and bitter-sweetness of change are apparent. The Earth sings a quiet love song to the Moon, silence is used as a weapon.

Expect strong imagery, metaphor and folk-tale wrapped up within the rawness of the present.


Though the album has been many months in the making, two of the tracks Burnt Offerings and Skysailing are older. The latter almost crept onto my last album ‘An Abandoned Orchid House’ but it wasn’t quite the right fit. It’s now found its rightful home here.

Burnt Offerings was recorded in a manor house in Sussex and the eerie chime of a grandfather clock is heard, almost hidden in the mix. It sets the tone for a piano-led set of songs.

Since the last album, I have started working with a fabulous team of musicians as my live band. Their improvisations and unique styles of creativity have made it the alchemical mix it is. For example, Peter Yates (from the legendary Fields Of The Nephilim) has added not only his guitars but other gorgeous unexpected events like old transistor radio sounds, Ebow and keyboards.



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New Peter Yates (Fields Of The Nephilim)  5 track EP collaboration with Jo Beth Young (RISE)

Peter Yates (Fields Of The Nephilim) releases a new EP of progressive, deeply atmospheric, dark and beautiful tracks in collaboration with Jo Beth Young (aka RISE).

The EP comprises of signature Peter Yates guitar sounds, progressive pieces and two surprising covers all featuring the haunting ethereal vocals of Young throughout. The first is to be released 20.09.19 and is of David Bowie’s “Where Are We Now”.

The self released EP will be available on Peter Yates bandcamp site here.

A music video for Where Are We Now is available for premiere and was made by Young using footage of her great grandfather, music hall and vaudeville artist Dandy George. The rare footage is of him on stage performing with his dog Rosie in 1927.

This will be the first Yates and Young release following the Yates and Delaney EP (which Young guested on) and the second for Yates this year after guesting on the EVI VINE album Black, White, Light, Dark released this February.

Dark Cloud by Rise

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Dark Cloud submerges us in the overhang of a suffocating experience which is brilliantly portrayed by film maker Alex T’s unnerving music video starring actress Anna Wraith. The electronic dream folk track features Peter Yates (Fields of the Nephilim) whose signature guitars hang ominously under RISE’s haunting vocals. The song is the first hint at RISE’s follow up album to her acclaimed debut An Abandoned Orchid House.

“The most perfect recording I’ve heard this year, maybe in a couple of years” John Diliberto ECHOES, USA
‘Full of grace and beauty” **** PROG Magazine
“More hauntingly beautiful than Kate Bush on a good day” BBC INTRO DEVON

R I S E Pre-album tour warm up gigs (showcasing Strangers LIVE) July 11th – B Bar Plymouth July 12th – The Angel Gallery – Totnes July 13th – Feather’s Hotel, Ledbury Fringe Festival July 27th Lepallooza, Bude Cornwall

R I S E (aka Jo Beth Young) is an English songwriter whose relentlessly authentic songs and mesmeric voice cut deep into the fabric of human frailty with a visionary sound swaying hypnotically between dream folk and progressive grit; at times dark but always beautiful.

Since the release of her debut album ‘An Abandoned Orchid House’ in 2018 (under the longer moniker of Talitha Rise) she has been gathering international acclaim and support from BBC 6, BBC Introducing Devon, and the legendary ECHOES Radio in the USA who made her the number 1 album of the year. Establishing her unique sound early on in Ireland cutting her teeth on the folk circuit, she returned to the UK and met her long-term collaborator Martyn Barker (Shriekback, Goldfrapp, Robert Plant) and caught the attention of Chris Difford (Squeeze) who sang on her debut EP Blue.

As a live artist R I S E, has started to reach new heights. Opening for acts such as Renaissance, Boo Hewardine, Julia Biel, Antonio Forcione and Shriekback, and she has held the spellbound attention of audiences at The Maltings, St. Pancras London, and sold out her 2017 and 2018 headline shows in Sussex and Devon.