Out NOW! Summiting by Bill Thompson and Richard Sanderson

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Summiting by Bill Thompson and Richard Sanderson

Professionally duplicated audio cassette in light blue shell and design by David Little. The cover image is a 3D anaglyph and the cassette comes with a pair of 3D glasses to get the full effect.
Sleeve printed in full colour, with clear plastic case and download coupon which allows access to a third bonus track and PDG booklet of notes and images. Includes unlimited streaming of Summiting via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

LinOb’s latest release is a cassette of two long, immersive improvisations by the Texan guitarist/composer Bill Thompson and amplified melodeon player Richard Sanderson. Exploring a slo-mo environment of sustained tones and mysterious incident, the tracks are enveloping and compelling. The download includes a third bonus track “First Ascent” a recording of the first meeting of Sanderson and Thompson at 100 Years Gallery, London.. The found cover image is a three dimensional anaglyph, the cassettes come with a free pair of 3D glasses, and a download coupon.

Bill Thompson – Moog guitar, live electronics, found objects
Richard Sanderson – Amplified melodeon

All music © Sanderson/Thompson (PRS)

Christmas Split Single by Chris Whitehead and K A Laity

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The Linear Obsessional Christmas Single is the 7th in the series of download singles (2 sides, single length, no music). A split single featuring Northern English sound artist/ musician Chris Whitehead and author, scholar, critic, editor, and arcane artist K.A.Laity

On one side you will hear an electromagnetic recording of Christmas Tree lights cycling through their flashing sequences. The other side is a field recording made on a cold day in Berne, NY featuring “Instructions for Christians” in the original Old English. Download includes two front covers and one back cover designed by David “smallhaus” Little featuring photographs by the artists., and 9 colour location photographs by K.A.Laity

Happy Christmas!


Released December 21, 2020

Side A – Electro-magnetic recording by Chris Whitehead December 2020
Side B – Field recording by K.A.Laity, December 2020

Cover designs by David Little

Songs 1978 – 2010 by Richard Sanderson

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richard sanderson

For the second release in Linear Obsessional’s “Retro Linear” series, we present a collection of songs recorded over a 32 year period by Richard Sanderson.

We have taken the unusual step of allowing tracks to be downloaded individually, as there is a wide stylistic variety.

“I am now mainly known as an experimental musician and free improviser. This collection, however, focuses on the other side of my work – as a singer and songwriter. This is an area I don’t really work in any more – my band “Foulkestone” (with Jude Cowan Montague) only performs traditional material, and I have found that traditional song can express more than enough of the things I’d like to say. So this is something of a “goodbye to all that”

The tracks on this collection run from “Hollow Call” recorded by an early version of Drop in 1978 to “Quill” a solo recording from 2010. Other tracks were recorded by the groups Halcyon Days and The Euphoria Case (in several incarnations)

The recordings range from 24 track studio recordings to mono cassette recordings. All the recordings have been re-mastered where ever possible from the original tapes.”
Richard Sanderson 2012

All songs composed by Richard Sanderson except “Babes in the Wood”, which is traditional, but arranged by Richard Sanderson.

Richard Sanderson – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Electronics, Alto Saxophone, Melodeon, Accordion, Laptop

Other musicians in chronological order-

Mark Spybey – Drums
Mark Sanderson – Percussion
Neil Jones – Keyboards
Chris Oberon – Bass
Andy Kiss – Drums
Paul D Brazill – Bass
Ronnie Burke – Drums
Peter Ord – Guitar
Martyn Simpson – Guitar, Bass
Gary Phillips – Keyboards
John Silvester – Tenor Sax
Pat Power – Bass
Dave Power – Guitar
Simon Lindsay – Drums
Chris Cundy – Bass Clarinet
Ian R Watson – Trumpet
Debra Scacco – Flute
Clive Pearman – Guitar/Banjo

With many thanks to the other musicians who’ve been kind enough to play on my songs,- Duncan Goddard, Gary Simpson, Stephen Weatherall, Helen Walker, Chris Burton, Mark Braby, Andy Coules.




Steven Ball’s Bastard Island by Alan Savage

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Bastard Island

Like a director of some impressionistic unscripted film, Steven Ball has created what I can only describe as field poetry, with a soundscape that blurs the lines between the conscious waking world and the mystical world beyond the veil. The instrumentation is never intrusive, hinting at possibilities rather than finalities. The songs are pieced together as happenstance, yet there is a disciplined compositional method at work here. This is a textured and intriguing work that draws you in and no, you’re not waiting for the chorus or hook. I played this album for a good week solid on the way to work and I found it had a calming effect on me.

So this is a recording that has a functional purpose too. To call this music something clichéd like ‘left field ambient’ would be doing it a gross injustice. This is an album that is a prime reason to explore music that is outside the peripheries of the mainstream and everything you are familiar with. I enjoy the unfamiliar journey of music like this. Stick with it and return to it; you will find it richly rewarding.

 Alan Savage is a Middlesbrough born author, poet, singer and songwriter. His many previous bands include Basczax and The Flaming Mussolinis.


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Photo (c)  Kayleigh Shepherd.


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Laura Mvula
Joni Mitchell
Bob Dylan
John Butcher
Blind Willie McTell
Gil Scott Heron
Henry Cowell
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Ennio Morricone  small group stuff
Mike Cooper
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Philip Glass up to 1976
Laura Nyro


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Werkmeister Harmonies
2001: A Space Odyssey
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High Rise ( and everything else by Ben Wheatley)
Jeff Keen
Summer Interlude
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Transporter Bridge, Middlesbrough
The Dog and Bell, Deptford
The National Gallery, London
De La Warr Pavilion

Other Stuff

Hohner melodeons
Toy cameras
My wind up gramophone
Black cats
View-Master stereo viewers
Photography books
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Bio: Richard Sanderson. Born in Teesside in 1960. Was in punk and post bands. Moved to London in 1985. Active as a free improvising musician, playing around Europe and recording several albums. Presented “Little Atoms” on Resonance FM for 6 years, runs record label Linear Obsessional. Lives in Hither Green, South East London with wife, two adopted kids and two adopted cats. He has danced with Blackheath Morris Men for 12 years.