Portrait Of The Artist As A Consumer: Max Thrax

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BIO: Max Thrax lives in Boston. His stories and poetry have appeared in Bristol Noir, Shotgun Honey, and Versification. God is a Killer (Close to the Bone) will be published on May 27th, 2022. Find him online at www.maxthrax.com and on Twitter @ThraxMaximilian.

TV: Play for Today, Boys from the Blackstuff, Match of the 70s & 80s, Twin Peaks, Cracker, Oz, The Shield, Breaking Bad, Serie A

MOVIES: Andrei Rublev, Scarface, White Heat, Gomorrah, Menace II Society, Ratcatcher, Pusher trilogy, Under the Silver Globe, Fresh, Taxi Driver, Friends of Eddie Coyle, Out of the Past, Blue Velvet, Sweet Smell of Success, The Third Man, I’m Bout It, Akira, Lady from Shanghai, Aguirre: The Wrath of God, Get Carter, Jackie Brown, Point Break, Night of the Hunter, Long Good Friday, Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, Red Road, The Public Enemy

BOOKS: Dashiell Hammett, Paul Cain, Jim Thompson, Ted Lewis, George V. Higgins, Shane Stevens, Donald Goines, Derek Raymond, Patricia Highsmith, Simenon, Dostoevsky, Stendhal, John Webster, Thomas Middleton, Christopher Marlowe, Tacitus, Sallust, Julius Caesar, Cato the Elder, Strindberg, Witkiewicz, Ghelderode, Jean Follain, Georg Trakl, Ted Hughes, Zbigniew Herbert

MUSIC: Bach, Berlioz, Wagner, Bartok, Pink Floyd, Japan, OMD, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Broadcast, Deftones, Guns N’ Roses, Rammstein, Shortparis, synthwave

ART: Hellenistic art, Novgorod School, Bruegel, Paolo Uccello, El Greco, Velazquez, Bernini, Caravaggio, Poussin, Goya, Hokusai, Caspar David Friedrich, Hiroshige, Gustave Moreau, Ilya Repin, Kuniyoshi, Mikhail Vrubel, Neue Sachlichkeit

BOXERS: Jack Dempsey, Charley Burley, Ezzard Charles, George Benton, Ken Buchanan, Bob Foster, Alexis Arguello, Thomas Hearns, Roger Mayweather, Pernell Whitaker, Mike Tyson, James Toney, Bernard Hopkins, Kostya Tszyu, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Dmitry Pirog, Guillermo Rigondeaux

FOOD: yogurt, grapes, blackberries, lamb, calamari, full Irish
DRINK: tea, coffee, Red Bull, pomegranate seltzer
PLACES: Boston, Los Angeles, London
QUOTE: ‘Happiness is not being afraid’ – Roy Keane

Portrait Of The Artist As A Consumer: Renato Bratkovič

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I don’t really watch too much TV, maybe twice or three times a month I catch a film on our national TV station. But I do like Netflix: Black Mirror, Unorthodox, After Life, The Stranger, Living with Yourself, Derek, Peaky Blinders, Safe, The Valhalla Murders, Novine, Love Death + Robots, Russian Doll,


Works by Hubert Selby, Irvine Welsh, Chuck Palahniuk, Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Norman Mailer, Henry Miller, Kurt Vonnegut and Charles Bukowski are my favourites.


I never get bored with Stanley Kubrick, Paul Thomas Anderson, Hal Hartley, Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, Sofia Coppola, David Fincher, Stephen Soderbergh, Spike Lee, Danny Boyle, …


My ears are used to Laibach, Nick Cave, Radiohead, Einstürzende Neubauten, Teho Teardo, Kraftwerk, Mizar, The Doors, many projects by Mike Patton, instrumental jazz, classical music, film music, etc.


There’s no place like home … I’m slowly becoming a hermit …


I like to eat to stay alive, but food is not so important to me …


… as beer. All types and styles of.


As a kid, I dreamt of becoming a comic book artist and animator. I still love visual arts, painting, design, illustration and photography very much, so wherever I go, every city I visit, I make sure to check out their galleries and museums.


“We don’t want to be happy, we want to be famous!” (Lunkwill from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)

BIO:  An ad man and fiction writer from Slovenia. Author of two short story collections, Don’t Try This At Home (2012) and It’s All True (although it may not have happened) (2016), the third, Dark Matters (You Can’t Make This Shit Up) is on its way. The creator of Alibi, the International Crime&Noir Literary Festival.

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Mostly whatever my three-year-old is watching. My wife and I are rewatching 30 Rock, which in my estimation is the best show ever.


I’ve been on a Patricia Highsmith kick for the last my entire life. I just finished The Cry of the Owl. Every bit as excellent as her classics.

I also recently read Charlie-316 by Colin Conway and Frank Zafiro. This is a fantastic cop novel with a relentless pace. Loved it.


I saw Knives Out last month, which was a lot of fun. Though in general, I’m not much of a movie person.


All jazz, all the time. Lately it’s been Chick Corea trio’s Akoustic Band and early 2000s Dave Holland, Prime Directive and Not for Nothing.


Beer. Working my way through a Yards sampler pack, one of the benefits of living in Philadelphia.


I’m finding it very cathartic to play through Doom Eternal these days. Nothing like blasting demons to improve my mood.

BIO: Chris Rhatigan is a freelance editor and publisher of All Due Respect Books. He has worked on novels that have gone on to win the Anthony Award, the Independent Publisher Book Award, and The Beverly Hills Book Award. He also runs the crime fiction magazine All Due Respect. He is the author of five novellas and two short story collections. He lives in Philadelphia. Find out more at his website, chrisrhatiganediting.com. 

chris rhatign




Close To The Bone, Portait Of The Artist As A Consumer, Punk Noir Magazine, Stephen J. Golds, Writing

Mr Golds

TELEVISION: The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, Narcos, Fargo, True Detective Season 1, Ozark, Breaking Bad, Deadwood…

BOOKS: Everything by Charles Bukowski, John Fante, Arthur Nersesian, Jim Thompson, Charles Willeford, Tobias Wolff, Raymond Carver, Thom Jones, Fredric Brown, Graham Greene, Tim O’Brien, Richard Matheson, Richard Brautighan, Billy Childish, The CTTB Authors…

FILMS: Goodfellas, Casino, Donnie Brasco, Reservoir Dogs, Godfather Trilogy, The Departed, The Shining, Edward Scissorhands, Groundhog Day, Beetlejuice, Raging Bull, Legends of The Fall, The Drop, Leon, The English Patient…

MUSIC: Sam Cooke, The Ink Spots, Sam and Dave, The Chi-Lites, Roberta Flack, Billie Holiday, Al Green, The Smashing Pumpkins, Cypress Hill, Notorious BIG, Van Morrison, Nirvana, All 1950s/1960’s Soul…

PLACES: Okinawa, London, Hanoi, Kefalonia, Saipan, Hong Kong, Myanmar, New York City, Los Angeles…

FOOD: All Okinawan food, Pancakes, Full English Breakfast, Pie…

DRINK: Coffee. Beer. Whisky. Pepsi…

ART: Everything by Billy Childish and Edward Hopper. 


“Find what you love and let it kill you.” Charles Bukowski. 

BIO: Stephen J. Golds was born in London, U.K, but has lived in Japan for most of his adult life. He enjoys spending time with his daughters, reading books, traveling, boxing and listening to old Soul LPs. Glamour Girl Gone his debut novel will be released by Close to The Bone Press January 29th, 2021. 

Portrait Of The Artist as a Consumer: Dietrich Kalteis

Canada, Dietrich Kalteis, Music, New Musical Express, Portait Of The Artist As A Consumer, Punk Noir Magazine
The Big Bad Blues by Billy F GIbbons
You Want it Darker by Leonard Cohen
Kill or Be Kind by Samantha Fish
The Sparky Sessions by The Hillbilly Moon Explosion
Western Stars by Bruce Springsteen
Colorado by Neil Young and Crazy Horse
The Bodyguard
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
The Crown
Schitt’s Creek
White Gold
The Border by Don Winslow
The New Iberia Blues by James Lee Burke
Julia, Naked by Nick Hornsby
The Testaments by Margaret Atwood
House of Earth by Woody Guthrie
Ham on Rye by Charles Bukowski
The Irishman
Ford v Ferrari
The Good Liar
Green Book
Carmel by the Sea
Milk Stout
Vintage guitars
Vintage sports cars
Vinyl albums
A good book
Dietrich Kalteis is the award-winning author of Ride the Lightning (bronze medal winner, 2015 Independent Publisher Book Awards, for best regional fiction), The Deadbeat Club, Triggerfish, House of Blazes (silver medal winner, 2017 Independent Publisher Book Awards, for best historical fiction), Zero Avenue, Poughkeepsie Shuffle and Call Down the Thunder. His novel The Deadbeat Club has been translated to German as „Shootout“, and 50 of his short stories have also been published internationally. He lives with his family on Canada’s West Coast.


Close To The Bone, New Musical Express, Paul D. Brazill, Portait Of The Artist As A Consumer, Punk Noir Magazine





Happy Valley



Happy Birthday, Wanda June – Kurt Vonnegut

The Happy Prince – Oscar Wilde

A Happy Death- Albert Camus



The Happiest Days Of Your Life





Happiness Is A Butterfly – Lana Del Rey

Everybody’s Happy Nowadays – Buzzcocks

The Happy Man – Thomas Lang


BIO: Paul D. Brazill was born in England and lives in Poland. His books include Man Of The World and Gumshoe Blues.

Portrait Of The Artist As A Consumer: Simon Maltman

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The Prisoner, Mad Men, The Killing, Killing Eve, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, Peaky Blinders, The Bridge, Columbo.


Richard Stark, Lawrence Block, Raymond Chandler, Jo Nesbo, Alex Barclay, Ian Rankin, ‘Ulster Noir.’


The Third Man, Vertigo, American Splendor, The Big Sleep, Fargo, Hidden, Live Flesh.


Nick Cave, Mark Lanegan, Afghan Whigs, Captain Beyond, Iron Butterfly, Art Blakey, Lee Morgan, Black Crowes, Alice in Chains.


Portmeirion, Vienna, Barcelona. And of course Northern Ireland!


Burgers, cheesecake, honeycomb ice cream, Ulster Fry.


Coffee, coffee, coffee. Also a little whiskey and stout.


Schiele, Klimt, Hopper, Kahlo.


BIO: Simon Maltman is the ‘Ulster Noir’ author of novels, novellas and short stories. An Amazon Bestseller, he also splits his time working as a musician and as a tour guide on his ‘Belfast Noir’ tour.

Recent Press for Simon Maltman:

“A terrifically gritty thriller.”

Jo Spain

“Lean, mean, fast and furious.”

Gerard Brennan

simon maltman


All Due Respect, Crime Fiction, Down and Out Books., Marietta Miles, New Musical Express, Portait Of The Artist As A Consumer, Punk Noir Magazine, Writing

TELEVISION – Zombies. I love zombies. The Walking Dead. Fear the Walking Dead. Both shows are very different from when they first began. I admit I am not as obsessive as I used to be, but I still watch and look forward to the episodes.

American Horror Story, though I haven’t watched an episode since Roanoke Island. I need to catch up. Game of Thrones. Going to miss that show. It was spectacular. I liked The Strain and The Returned, the French version. I have not seen the American remake. It’s safe to say I like anything spooky and atmospheric. Horror.

Right now, I’m watching a lot of anime. I like the horror sub-genre there, as well. Tokyo Ghoul is my favourite.

BOOKS – I have a mixed bag of favourite books. I think it’s easier to discuss my favourite writers. Shirley Jackson and The Haunting of Hill House or We Have Always Lived in the Castle. Flannery O’Connor and The Violent Bear It Away. Joyce Carol Oates and Kate Chopin. Plus, Stephen King, Joe Lansdale, and Joe Hill. Ramsey Campbell. Adam Nevill, The Ritual was brilliant. Richard Matheson.

When I was younger, I consumed science-fiction. A love of crime fiction came later for me, in my late twenties. James Ellroy and his L.A. Quartet was an inspiring thrill. From there it was a deep dive into more and more writers. The genre-defying Cormac McCarthy. Elmore Leonard.

FILMS – The movie I am most looking forward to this summer is The Dead Don’t Die. Bill Murray and Adam Driver. Sounds like it is going to be amazing.

Movies are funny things these days. Because of streaming services, favourite movies might be several years old. For instance, I just got around to showing my girls Train to Busan. It may be from 2016, but it’s a new household favourite.

MUSIC – I have music that I write to, which is for background and atmosphere. Soundtracks are good. Depending upon what I’m working on it can be the music from Dexter or Call of Duty.

My playlist is crazy random and I can usually find something I like no matter who is in charge of the tunes. I do listen to what my kids listen to a lot. Boy Pablo. Billie Eilish. Beach Fossils.

TRAVEL – I’ve been pretty lucky and have travelled a bit. London. Paris. Amsterdam. Chicago and Atlanta. Miami. Lived in NYC and Los Angeles. Washington D.C. Baltimore. Hawaii.

I’d like to visit Italy and Japan. I could spend weeks in both countries.

FOOD – Mexican, Tex-Mex, and Cal-Mex. Enchiladas, tostadas, burritos. Quesadillas. Tacos of all makes, but particularly tacos al pastor, with bits of pineapple and a nice red salsa. Barbacoa. Guacamole.

DRINK – Coffee and sweet tea. Water in between. Nice and simple.

ART – Another area where I am really all over the place. I think the art that I gravitate towards is influenced by where I’m at in life. After high school I was fond of the French Impressionists. Years later, when I lived in the East Village, I fancied Mondrian. Recently I’ve regained an interest in folk art from Mexico and the southern U.S.

BIO: Marietta Miles’s short stories and flash can be found in Thrills, Kills and Chaos, Flash Fiction Offensive, Yellow Mama, Hardboiled Wonderland, Shotgun Honey and Revolt Daily. Her stories have been included in anthologies available through Static Movement Publishing, Out of the Gutter, and Horrified Press. She is rotating host for Noir on the Radio, Dames in the Dark. Her first book, Route 12, was released February of 2016. She followed up Route 12 with May in 2018. Her latest novel, After the Storm, is due in September 2019. Born in Alabama, raised in Louisiana, she currently resides in Virginia with her husband and two children.

marietta miles


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The joke in this house is that my husband is all about movies and I’m all about TV; I love a great series, the kind that has season-long arcs, memorable characters. I’ve been doing a lunch rewatch of Fargo, season 1, recently. I love the storytelling, the characters, the intricate way the threads weave together.

We’re currently watching Insecure, which I love. Comedies have risen to the forefront of my viewing over the past two years; Letterkenny, Superstore, The Good Place, Barry. These are all must watch.

I’m looking forward to Stranger Things and The Handmaid’s Tale and season 2 of Dark. I can’t wait for the adaptation of Eden Robinson’s Trickster series next year.

Best shows ever list includes Rectify, The Wire, Breaking Bad, Justified. I would be looking forward to Hap and Leonard, but Sundance cancelled their most-watched original show. Assholes. (See how long my memory is, Sundance? I haven’t forgotten, or forgiven.)


The first book I remember picking out in the library when I was young was The Boy With Two Eyes. When I had pneumonia my sister brought me home The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, and my love of Narnia and Lewis was born. I was also a huge fan of books like Jack London’s The Call of the Wild.

My tastes are pretty varied. I’m currently reading Alicia Elliott’s amazing A Mind Spread Out On The Ground, Rebecca Roanhorse’s Storm of Locusts and I just bought Waubgeshig Rice’s Moon of the Crusted Snow. One of my favorite reads from last year was Guillermo Stitch’s Literature, and I was a big fan of Terror is our Business: Dana Roberts’ Casebook of Horrors by Joe and Kasey Lansdale. This year, Dea Poirier impressed me with her debut, Next Girl to Die, and I loved Gitz Crazyboy’s book Secret of the Stars. I’m always looking forward to the next Ian Rankin – I do love Scottish crime fiction. I’ve also been reading beyond the genre, and indulging in works like The See-Through Leopard, which reduced me to tears. Sometimes, a book is about the concept, sometimes it’s about the character, sometimes it’s the emotion and connection. Those are the things that really draw me in.


Although Brian is typically the film junkie, I’ve been watching more films this year. While I’m a fan of the original Star Wars films and love films from a variety of genres, one of the things that really makes a film stand out for me is the emotional connection. I tend to like weighty movies that deal with heavy issues.

One of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time was A Monster Calls. It was heart-wrenching and powerful. I’m a Taylor Sheridan fan. I love Wind River and Hell or High Water.

Get Out was amazing, we watched Midnight Run this year, which holds up impressively.

My current most-anticipated movies? Blood Quantum, Us and Falls Around Her. I don’t get to the theater often, so I usually have to wait for DVD or streaming.


I was raised strictly on country music, but my tastes have expanded far beyond that. I like everything from A Tribe Called Red to Snotty Nose Rez Kids to Rhiannon Giddens to Iskwe to J.J. Grey and Mofro to James Bay to the Revivalists to Rag’n’Bone Man.


I like flying. I like traveling by train. I love a good road trip. There’s just something about getting out on the road and going … We did a lot of camping trips when I was a kid and I always liked driving.

I have traveled extensively … 25 countries or so on 4 different continents, to about two dozen different states, from New Brunswick to British Columbia in Canada, and I’ve also been to the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

Favorite places include the ruins in Tunisia, the rainforests of Costa Rica, and the Irish coast and countryside. Outside of North America I’ve been to the U.K. more times than anywhere else, and I always enjoy it. London and Edinburgh are two of my favorite cities. And for an unexpected European wonder that I knew little about but loved? Portugal. You can’t beat the art in Italy, but I loved the atmosphere in Lisbon.


I have some health issues that have put me on a limited diet, so no gluten, no milk, no sugar these days. I occasionally cheat for cheese. I love a great fruit salad, my favorite meal is steak, baked potato and corn on the cob. I have ways of still eating tacos … I love tomatoes, spinach and feta cheese; I can live off of that as a soup.


I drink a lot of water. I also love lemonade, and strawberry peach juice. Part of my diet means no more soda; I don’t like coffee but I love cranberry tea.


The Group of Seven. I love their work. Can’t really express all the reasons why; we had to do a project on one of them when I was in high school and I focused on Lawren S. Harris. His works have this divine quality to them, like a merging of heaven and earth.


My longstanding lack of interest in comedy and what might be dubbed frivolous entertainment stems from being a pretty serious person. I grew up with a parent who was undiagnosed bipolar, and there were some other issues, and I found it hard to find things funny when I was just trying to hold things together.

Over the years I’ve shed my staunch conservative upbringing and mindset, and also learned to laugh. In spite of that, I am very passionate about serious issues and politics. I oppose the genocide of Indigenous persons and want to see Canada take action to implement the recommendations from the #MMIWG report and begin to actually atone to Indigenous people. We need a nation to nation relationship that respects Indigenous people and their lands. I also have a couple close family members who are part of the LGBTQ+ community and it is important to me to advocate for their rights. I’m also passionate about mental health awareness and the rights of those with disabilities and am concerned about environmental issues.

I believe it is our duty to be actively involved and advocate for the world we want to see. Anyone can complain, but a difference is made by people taking action.

BIO: Sandra Ruttan is the submissions editor for Bronzeville Books, manages content for Bronzeville Bee (a paying ‘zine publishing fiction and non-fiction) and the author of several books, short stories and non-fiction articles, interviews and reviews. Her background includes studying journalism and special education; she loves to travel, enjoys photography, and loves crafts but isn’t very good at them.

2019 Sandra hooded face


Beau Johnson, Crime Fiction, Down and Out Books., New Musical Express, Portait Of The Artist As A Consumer, Punk Noir Magazine, Short Stories


I do love good TV, yup.  Some of my favourites being Breaking Bad, Justified, Lost, The Golden Girls, Hannibal (gone too soon) Bosch, X-files (season 1-7 only, sorry Doggett), the first 2 seasons of Battlestar Galactica and the TV movie Razor, The Office, Friends…I could go on.  Currently I’m in love with Fleabag and Barry, with Good Omens and on deck while I patiently await The Boys.


King. Anything King.  As I’ve said before, that Dude is my Vader.  Not Anakin.  Vader. Thomas Harris, of course, along with copious amounts of what I have come to call home, crime fiction.


Oh man, where to begin?  Silence of the Lambs, of course, along with Tombstone, Terminator 2, Back to the Future (all 3), Pet Semetary (original and best), Stand By Me, Shawshank Redemption, the first two Aliens, Ironman (original and #3), Captain America: the Winter Soldier, Avengers: Endgame, Misery, The Shining, The Dead Zone, Rocky 4, They Live, John Carpenter’s The Thing, 28 Days Later, Groundhog Day, Fargo, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, The Manchurian Candidate (Sinatra version), Unbreakable…man, I could go on, but yup, those are a few I could watch over and over again.


I will always say The Tragically Hip, the best Canadian band to ever come out of the Great White North in my opinion.  We lost Gord Downie a bit ago and man, to be truthful, it still hurts.


Wherever my wife tells us we are going, me and the boys are almost ready on time.  Me, I’m always on time.  The boys, though, two of them anyway, they take after their grandmother…


All of it, thank you.  Save for olives (ack, the Devil’s balls) and Cheeze Whiz.  You do know Cheeze Whiz is grey before it’s put on the shelves yes…


Coffee, water, and when I find the perfect amount of time, Bud light with ice.


Don’t know him.  Never have.  I hear good things though.


We have a Dinner Cruise Business called The Grand River Dinner Cruises which runs from May until October.  This year we are attempting something new.  We call it Beau’s Book Nook.  A little library where you can discover the greatness which is crime fiction.  If you ever find yourself in the neighbourhood, Caledonia, Ontario, Canada, specifically, drop on by.  As I’ve been known to say: come for a cruise, leave with a book!


BIO: Beau Johnson has been published before, usually on the darker side of town.  He is the Author of A BETTER KIND OF HATE and THE BIG MACHINE EATS, both published by Down and Out Books.  Look for Bishop Rider’s continuing struggles in ALL OF THEM TO BURN, coming 2020, also from Down and Out Books.

beau johnson