Out Now! Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained by The Fabulous Artisans

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Stereogram Recordings are delighted to announce the release of “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained” a brand new track by The Fabulous Artisans on September 25th. It was mostly recorded prior to lockdown, with finishing touches, mix and mastering completed in July.

Founded in 2007 and named after the iconic Orange Juice track, The Fabulous Artisans is a collaboration between Glasgow based Oscar and BAFTA award winning actor, former stand-up comic and singer Neil Crossan and Edinburgh based songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Jeremy Thoms (also of The Cathode Ray and Stereogram label boss). “With a sound fed from Bacharach to Barry, Brel to Bowie, Cave to Collins, Magazine to Morricone and Wilson to Walker, this is timeless music for or from any era…

Written, arranged and produced by Jeremy Thoms, “Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained” is only the fourth new track The Fabulous Artisans have released since their warmly received debut album “…From Red to Blue” came out on Swedish indie label Bendi Records in 2008. It continues their lineage of mixing up the classic pop sounds of the past with a modern twist, whilst adding their characteristic big lyrical themes of life and death.

Released September 25, 2020

Lead vocals: Neil Crossan
Written, produced and arranged by Jeremy Thoms.

The Ukulele Album by The Besties

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the besties

The story behind the album by Felice Arena

I have to thank Ruby, my lively and precocious character in THE BESTIES books for being the inspiration behind the creation of the album. Throughout the series Ruby loves to play her ukulele and make up songs. While I was writing the lyrics for her I sent them off to my super-talented musical mates in the UK to see what they thought.

​Within days they came back to me with a melody and a rough recording, and before we all knew it we were going back-and-forth on WhatsApp with ideas for other songs inspired by Ruby.

​It was soon after that I headed off to Scotland and joined my besties to record an album in Edinburgh – and we had an absolute blast!

We set out to create a children’s album that everyone, including parents and grandparents, could enjoy. But at the same time we wanted to produce something that would also enhance the reading experience of the books. I’d like to think that not only could these songs be incorporated into schools and music programs/concerts but also be an accessible resource for early-grade, music and drama teachers.

Felice Arena, 2019


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jeremy thoms


Wichita Lineman – Glen Campbell; Andromeda Heights – Prefab Sprout; This Life – Bruce Springsteen; Surf’s Up – Beach Boys; Mandolin Wind – Rod Stewart; Dead Souls – Joy Division; This Guy’s In Love With You – Herb Alpert; Over & Over – Neil Young; Amelia – Joni Mitchell; Blame It On The Sun – Stevie Wonder; Dying Day – Orange Juice; Ain’t That Enough – Teenage Fanclub; Race for The Prize – Flaming Lips;  Something To Remember Me By – The Horrors; If She Doesn’t Smile – Fantastic Something; The World’s Strongest Man – Scott Walker; NYC Man – Lou Reed; Cortez The Killer – Neil Young; I’ve Seen That Movie Too – Elton John; Little Lamb Dragonfly – Paul McCartney & Wings; December Song – George Michael; Complete Control – The Clash.


Pet Sounds – Beach Boys; Hawaii – High Llamas; What’s Going On – Marvin Gaye; Marquee Moon – Television; Never A Dull Moment – Rod Stewart; Songs In The Key Of Life – Stevie Wonder; Don’t Stand Me Down – Dexy’s Midnight Runners; Aladdin Sane – David Bowie; Closer – Joy Division; Loveless – My Bloody Valentine; Hissing Of Summer Lawns – Joni Mitchell; Scott 4 – Scott Walker; Exile On Main Street – Rolling Stones; White Album – Beatles;  Quadrophenia – The Who; Zuma – Neil Young; Trans Europe Express – Kraftwerk; White Bread Black Beer – Scritti Politti; You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever – Orange Juice; Painted From Memory – Costello & Bacharach; The Soft Bulletin – Flaming Lips; Spirit Of Eden – Talk Talk; Chairs Missing – Wire; Odyssey & Oracle – Zombies.


David Bowie; Scott Walker; Prefab Sprout; Dexys; Joni Mitchell; Neil Young/CSNY; Television; Scritti Politti; Wire; Chic; Ivor Cutler; Viv Stanshall; Elvis Costello; Paul Weller; Kraftwerk; Flaming Lips; Fleet Foxes; Mercury Rev; High Llamas; Teenage Fanclub; Air; Burt Bacharach; Jimmy Webb; Todd Rundgren; Talk Talk; Spiritualized; Stevie Wonder; Marvin Gaye; Rod Stewart; The Beatles; Rolling Stones; Roxy Music; Beach Boys; Orange Juice; Cocteau Twins; Magazine; Steely Dan; Free; Pet Shop Boys; Only Ones; Carole King; Joy Division; New Order; Yes; Velvet Underground; Genesis; The Who; Echo & The Bunnymen; Isaac Hayes; Elton John; Glenn Campbell; Bob Dylan; Pretenders; The Doors; Robert Wyatt; Strokes; Smiths; TOY; Tame Impala; Led Zeppelin; Suede; Nick Drake; Gang Of Four.


COMPOSERS: Debussy; Ravel; Mahler; Delius; Vaughan Williams; Elgar; Dvorak; Faure; John Barry; Morricone; Bernard Hermann


ART: Klee, Miro, Kandinsky; Bracht; Picasso; Eardley; Gillies; Warhol; Matisse; Lichtenstein; Rothko; Peter Blake; Richard Hamilton; Matisse


AUTHORS: Oscar Wilde; Evelyn Waugh; Saki; Anne Tyler; Jonathan Coe; Nick Hornby; Nick Kent; Tony Parsons; Anthony Powell, J D Salinger; William Golding.


TELEVISON: Coronation Street; Brideshead Revisited; Star Trek (original series); Fawlty Towers; Extras; The Buddah of Suburbia; Vinyl; Lead Balloon; Still Game; David Bowie “Five Years” docs; Curb Your Enthusiasm; Alan Partridge; Stella Street; The Avengers; Dr Who; The Monkees; Monty Python’s Flying Circus; The Naked Civil Servant; Batman.


FILM: Hitchcock; Woody Allen; David Lynch; Nicolas Roeg; Scorsese; Buster Keaton; Carry On; Withnail And I; Spinal Tap; Jungle Book; One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest; Apocalypse Now; The Deer Hunter; West Side Story; 2001: A Space Odyssey; It’s A Wonderful Life; Some Like It Hot; The Apartment; 101 Dalmations; The Odd Couple; The Graduate; James Dean Trilogy; Rutles/All You Need Is Cash; Room At The Top; Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?

the presidents men 

Bio: Jeremy Thoms is the lead singer and principal songwriter in The Cathode Ray. He also runs a record label (Stereogram Recordings), DJs and presents a weekly show on Boogaloo Radio. He has so far released nine albums under various guises and is currently working on the third Cathode Ray album, due out September 2019. His first band The Presidents Men feature on the current Cherry Red boxset “Big Gold Dreams: A Story Of Scottish Independent Music 1977-1989”.

stereogram recordings