FML movie soundtrack by Tia Ja’nae

FML Movie Soundtrack, Punk Noir Magazine, Tia Ja'nae

What songs are playing during these key scenes in the movie of your
life and why?

Birth: Judas Priest “Victim Of Changes”
Being a few months early arriving ahead of schedule has its complications.

Childhood: King’s X “Over My Head” & “I’ll Never Be The Same”
Chicago in the 1980s was CRAZY man.  Music was the whole saving grace.

Puppy Love: Pointer Sisters “Twist My Arm” & “Dare Me”
Again, Chicago in the 1980s was CRAZY man.  Twisting a boy’s arm you
liked after being dared to do it like Double Dare was everything.

Teen Years: Da Brat “Give It To You” & “Funkdafied”
The essence of Chicago in the 1990s.

High School Love: Silk “Lose Control”
There was an eight ball table.  Hitting corner pockets.  He taught me
how to play and make bank shots.  Pure poetry in motion learning
angles.  Nothing else is left to be said about that – and yes that was
(mostly) about playing pool.

High School Graduation: Ice Cube “You Know How We Do It (Remix)
Since I graduated way early this was the perfect culmination send off.

First Day Of College: Lenny Kravitz: “Always On The Run”
The perfect song that surmised freedom for being away from home for
the first time.

College Love: Erykah Badu & D’Angelo “Your Precious Love”
A theme song playing when things got to happening and brought me to
them feelings.  You know them feelings.  That’s all I’m going to say
about that, lol.

Young Adult: Band Of Gypsys “Who Knows” & The Isley Brothers “Work To Do”
The soundtrack to the rebellion of doing it my way in undergrad and
grad, but much cooler than Frank Sinatra crooning it.

First Heartbreak: Chante Moore “Bitter” & Ideal “Get Gone”
These two speak for themselves, especially the hooks.

College Graduation: Busta Rhymes “Pass The Courvoisier Part II”
The perfect early graduation song that made me dust dirt off my shoulder.

First Day Of Grad School: Nona Hendryx “I Sweat (Going Through The Motions)”
Yeah.  The title says it all.

Graduate School Graduation: Tina Turner “The Bitch Is Back”
Grad School was hell.  If I could have performed this at graduation in
front of the College Of Fine Arts I would have, and for free.

Turning Thirty: Aerosmith “Deuces Are Wild”
Wasn’t an easy age.  Life drastically changed and so did my career.

Working Montage: De La Soul “Stakes Is High” & James Brown “The Payback”
Having a career in film and being on the indie side, this song got me
through many a day.

Sex Scene: Teddy Pendergrass “The More I Get The More I Want” & Millie
Jackson “All The Way Lover”

When you get what you want when you want it and when you need it above
the belly button but below the knee, both songs fit.

Writing Montage: Marlena Shaw “Loving You Is Like A Party”
The ebb and flow of writing in its purest sense, for all the love and
all the hate that turns around and becomes comfortably beautiful.

Old age: Carmen McRae “Silent Spring”
Since politics are a farce and shit is getting worse, this is almost
like the song that should have been the featured title track to
Soylent Green but wasn’t, yet fits the future perfectly.

Death: Millie Jackson “Phuck You Symphony”
Nothing like going out on a classical note.

Tia Ja’nae is the resident satirist as well as another editor with a
corner office at Econoclash Review.  An author, screenwriter, poet,
and playwright, she oversees most of the Quality Cheap Thrills flash
fiction.  Among things she won’t be remembered for are several
independent films and a few albums only her most die hard fans
downloaded from torrent clients.  Her written work of short stories
has appeared in Shotgun Honey Presents Recoil Volume 4, Tough Crime
Stories 2, 45th Parallel’s Journal, as well as Tough Magazine,
Flashback Fiction, Shotgun Honey’s Webzine.  Her upcoming collection
of poems entitled Cunt Classics is due out in 2022 by Close To The
Bone Publishing and her novel is tentatively peeking it’s head winter
2021.  She is routinely classified by order of your government.

FML Movie Soundtrack by Max Thrax

FML Movie Soundtrack, Max Thrax, Punk Noir Magazine

What songs are playing during these key scenes in the movie of your life and why?

CHILDHOOD: ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ – Guns n’ Roses
My dad went through a billiards phase. Sometimes I’d tag along with him to the pool hall, sitting outside with a book. For me it was a chance to hear music forbidden at home, especially Guns n’ Roses. I still love Appetite. Some of my friends prefer Jane’s Addiction; I tell them Perry Farrell tried very hard to convince everyone he was crazy, Axl Rose didn’t need to try at all.

FIRST LOVE: ‘Inner Flight’ – Primal Scream

Beautiful Pet Sounds-style instrumental. Pretty sure this or ‘High and Dry’ by Radiohead was playing when I first got the shift.

TEENS – ‘Up in the Sky’ – Oasis
The sound of the band was big, Liam Gallagher’s voice was even bigger. Their appeal was similar to GnR’s and early Oasis had more in common with them than with Blur or Pulp. ‘Up in the Sky’ reminds me of riding my bike around town, headphones on, going nowhere in particular.

YOUNG ADULT – ‘Lohengrin Overture’ – Richard Wagner
Unlike Liszt, Wagner was never a virtuoso musician but he was a virtuoso with harmony and orchestration. Above all he had drama. This piece keeps building and building until the end, when the cymbals crash and it’s like an overpass falling on you. 

FIRST HEARTBREAK – Disintegration Tapes – William Basinski

At the time I lived on Hemenway Street in Boston, which had the largest rat problem in the city. My bedroom had no windows and I chainsmoked for hours listening to this record. My other favorite was Berlioz’s Grande Messe des morts–a requiem for the entire world–which I used to put on before I went to sleep.

WORKING MONTAGE – ‘Them Bones’ – Alice in Chains
This song rules. If you’re making a montage, may as well use ‘Them Bones.’

WRITING MONTAGE – ‘Improvisations sur les folies d’Espagne’ – Marin Marais

French court music–Marais, Couperin, Charpentier, Lully–is underrated. Perfect soundtrack for writing. I was working at a record shop when I discovered Tous les Matins du Monde and instantly became a fan.

OLD AGE – ‘Ten and Nine’ – Liam Clancy

I think Shane MacGowan recommended this album. ‘Ten and Nine’ is one of the many great melodies on Liam Clancy’s debut. I don’t expect to earn retirement, so this track seems appropriate. It’s a song for the working poor.

DEATH – ‘Tony’s Theme (Scarface)’ – Giorgio Moroder

This is my goal. I need to do a few other things first.