Dreams and nightmares — a Poem by Kooki Honor @KookiHonor

Punk Noir Magazine

Dreams and nightmares

It’s either dreams or nightmares.
The silence between the two

holds no place.
None of which can be chosen.
Each being everything

you expect it to be
The nightmares, dreadful, soaked in terror, rooted in evil,

nearly impossible to sweep from memory
The dreams, hopeful, steeped in wonders, fading away at the battling of an eyelash

It’s either one or the other
Solely emptiness holds in between
None of which can be chosen
Only endured, forcibly embodied, never truly embraced

Just like everything else, but rarely everyone
How many lived on the shores and swam from one to the other
How many set foot on one, never to cross again

So many going back and forth without ever touching ground
What is it about those who never embark, never learned to swim in between, never crossed

It’s either dreams or nightmares
And the absence of what is between
There, there lays the faith of the unconscious,

The dreamers as you may call them
The landless on earth, inhabitants of the heavens, or hell

Waking up only to see, that beyond terror and fantasy

There is nothing in here for them
Dreams or nightmares, is their only way to be.