Rock and a Hard Place Volume 8 — a Punk Noir Review @RHP_Press

Punk Noir Magazine

There are a lot of small-press magazines billing themselves as being the “cutting edge” of crime fiction, however, for me, Rock and a Hard Place have consistently shown that they’re one of the few magazines who are truly innovative in their approach to showcasing the evolution of crime literature.

The stories within this volume, as in their previous volumes, display a wide breadth of talent, backgrounds, styles and attitudes.

Great short prose from everyone involved, especially the as always awesome Mike McHone, Jason Allison, Scott Von Doviak, Jennifer Stark. But every story in this volume is truly something special. Kudos to the editors involved.

Disclaimer: Yeah, I have had stories showcased twice in RHP, and damn proud of that fact, but this isn’t a bias review. If you don’t believe me, go pick up a volume and just give them a read. You’ll see there’s a huge range of crime sub-genres on offer, talent but you’ll also realize this is a truly special magazine, run by people who care deeply about what they’re producing.

This is crime fiction for the 2020’s, for the future, and the future looks bright.

Go pick up volume 8 and the others ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️