The Pathaphysics of Our everyday Fears by Lazlo Aranyi (Frater Amzon)

Heist, Poetry

                     From armour to barbour
                            or from the operating room to the ice room.
       The order comes and we’re deprived of oxygen.
              The Mengeleesque nurse selects the patients
                     under the spell of labor market demands:
       “Stay put” or “It’s a cripple!
              And he’s drunk! Come on, Mr. Body-Tray! “

The hospital has become an execution site
                     Where the master of the ultimate things knows how
              to squeeze tens and hundreds of millions out of death…

       William Burke hangs on the gallows. Undisturbed.
(his denture has submerged in water.)
       His pal, Hare
is now being lynched by the mob for his vile plea bargain,
              but Dr. Knox is not even on trial… 
                            Our waking Sun is a goggled, broken-purple eye.
                            A toad with a slit belly lurks at us
from the foul pork jelly of our Celestial Order.

Steaming bowels: greasy Medusa snake-clusters
                on the clothesline of the zodiac,
       and Saturn staggers backwards in Scorpio… “He is Psermes. Human in form, but better resembles
       a goat; a curved tiller hanging from a rope.
       He rules over Cappadocia, Galatia, Phrygia.” “God be with you!” (soon comes the “be against you”…)
“I’m the skinner from the mink yard… I was sent for you…”

Laszlo Aranyi (Frater Azmon) poet, anarchist, occultist from Hungary. Earlier books: (szellem)válaszok, A Nap és Holderők egyensúlya . New: Kiterített rókabőr. English poems published: Quail Bell Magazine, Lumin Journal, Moonchild Magazine, Scum Gentry Magazine, Pussy Magic, The Zen Space, Crêpe & Penn, Briars Lit, Acclamation Point, Truly U, Sage Cigarettes Magazine, Lots of Light Literary Foundation, Honey Mag, Theta Wave, Re-side, Cape Magazine, Neuro Logical, The Daily Drunk Mag, Unpublishable Zine, Melbourne Culture Corner, Beir Bua Journal, Crown & Pen, Dead Fern Press, Coven Poetry Journal, Journal of Erato, Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Spillover Magazine, Punk Noir, Nymphs Literary Journal,  Synchronized Chaos, Impspired Magazine, Fugitives & Futurists, The Dope Fiend Daily, Mausoleum Press, Nine Magazines, Thanks Hun, Downtown Archive, Hearth & Coffin Literary Journal, Our Poetry Archive (OPA), Juniper Literary Magazine, Feral Dove Magazine, Alternate Route, CENTRE FOR EXPERIMENTAL ONTOLOGY, Bullshit Lit Magazine, Misery tourism, Terror House Press, Journal of Expressive Writing, APOCALYPSE CONFIDENTIAL, WordCity Literary Journal, Wilder Literature Magazine, Roadside Raven Review, Death’sDormantDaughter, Rasputin, Amphora Magazine, Dope Fiend Daily, THIN SLICE ANXIETY, Dark Entries, FLEAS ON THE DOG, Dumpster Fire Press, DON’T SUBMIT!, Horror Sleaze Trash Magazine, Outcast Press, DOGZPLOT Magazine, All Ears (India), Rhodora Magazine, Arc Magazine, ShabdAaweg Review (India), Utsanga (Italy), Postscript Magazine (United Arab Emirates), The International Zine Project (France), Swala Tribe Magazine (Rwanda), The QuillS Journal (Nigeria). Known spiritualist mediums, art and explores the relationship between magic.