SLOWER BEAR by Anthony Neil Smith — a Punk Noir Magazine Book Review

Punk Noir Magazine

Anthony Neil Smith is one of my favorite crime writers and if you read SLOWER BEAR it’ll be easy for you to see why.

By far, this is Smith’s best work to date, and looking over his prolific career that’s a big statement.

Compared to its predecessor Slow Bear — Slower Bear is rightly all the comparatives. The story is darker (this time dealing with two young girls who have been abducted by some twisted and sick child-smuggling mormons). The story is bloodier. The prose is bolder, tighter and greater than anything I’ve read since Slow Bear.

How about that for an opening?

The flow, pace and rhythm of Smith’s writing is a joy to read, as well as a refreshing kind of playback to 1970’s and 1980’s pulp crime, which (sadly in my opinion) we don’t get chance to read so much of nowadays.

I also liked how Smith used Covid as a very cool plot device. Hell, he pretty much made the bastard illness an antagonist in the novel.

Micah Cross is still the loser with a heart of dirty gold. He still can’t seem to catch a break and you’ll groan as you’re reading for the foolish decisions he is still making, however this rendition of the typical hero story plays much more realistically than so much of the stuff that is on bookshelves and that’s what makes SLOWER BEAR a must read.

The real crime being committed here is that Smith hasn’t yet got a contract with one of the top five. His writing deserves a helluva lot more praise for sure.

SLOWER BEAR is slated for August 19th so go and preorder your copy now!

Review by Stephen J. Golds