Cold Blood by Miles Rowe


Miles Rowe is a primary school student and wrote this aged 10 as a homework assignment.

Children scared, children crying
War planes fighting, bombs dropping
The sky filled with fire and smoke
Everything was destroyed, this wasn’t a joke

As the soldiers looked up into the sky
They saw millions of Nazi planes go by
The sound of war was like the air was squealing
The ground was shaking and the earth was screaming

‘‘GAS! GAS! Quickly boys’’
I woke up to my commander’s noise
I fumbled around and grabbed my mask
Now I was ready for my next task

Away from the gas and into the new trenches
Me and my friend were in the deepest ditches
After 3 my friend looks over the ledge
This was so scary, it was like being at a knives edge

Then I saw my friend’s head got shot off
I would never be able to turn this moment off
I lay still in the soggy cold mud
Completely covered in my best friend’s blood