My Bloody Valentine


I want to live with you.

           Inside of you.

To stretch myself under

          your ribcage and

wrap my nervous system around 

          your spinal column,

to kiss your tarry, smoke-

          blackened lungs, 

          croon to your liver, 

          caress your spleen.


I want to love you from

        the inside.

To wear your flesh as 

       my own

and to appropriate 

    your eyes

so that I could see the beauty you do.


I want you.

  For your blood to

      be my own, and to be connected

         with you forever.



A Love Poem Told in Hair


I want you to find

 my hair in your bed;

  a rainbow of reds, pinks,

    browns, blues, greens, blonde 

      and maybe even a little bit of gray.


I want you to find

 it wrapped around the

   base of your cock when

    you take a shower, and


between your ass cheeks, in

 your mouth when you eat lunch,

   scattered across your favorite 

    clothes and clinging to your cat's tail,


plastered on your shower 

 curtain, and in thin, curling 

   esses around the drain of your bathtub.

Leia John is a writer, poet and all around fucking lunatic.