Poetry, Punk Noir Magazine



your cunt         a bullethole

    my silicon    pistol

discharged       its shots

     harness        lies discarded

            on the   floor



pluck out mine eyes
so I can no longer see
your semaphore
those coded messages
of inarticulation
I am left to decipher

pluck out mine eyes
so I am blind to how you feel
go on
say it

I dare you

My girlfriend is in Paris


     climbing up the Eiffel

les garçons gaze up her skirt

     for she is quite an eyeful 

wind whips hair about her face

     a modern Botticelli Venus

at the top she turns and waves

     as Europe comes between us

JP Seabright (she/they) is a queer writer living in London. Their debut poetry pamphlet, Fragments from Before the Fall: An Anthology in Post-Anthropocene Poetry is published by Beir Bua Press. Their debut prose chapbook NO HOLDS BARRED is out early 2022 from Lupercalia Press. They were nominated for a Pushcart Prize in October 2021. More of their work can be found at https://jpseabright.com and via Twitter @errormessage.