2 Poems by Ian Copestick

Punk Noir Magazine

New Year’s Resolutions

As for New Year’s resolutions
I’ve never really bothered before.
But now ;
I feel like I’ve got to make some,
I’ve been letting too many things go.

I need a bath.
I need a shave.
My room is bloody filthy.
I need to cut my toenails,
and my hair, 
anything else is beyond me.

I need to snap out of 
this depression, or
whatever you may call it.
I need to really start writing again,
I really feel that it’s my calling.

Well, the bathtub, the razor,
the scissors, the hair clippers.
All that will be easy.
But finding myself again 
and my muse ?
Do I think I can do it ….
really ?

Just the fact that I’ve written this,
it gives me a little hope.
But it’s months since I 
gave up on my book.
Have I got the strength to cope ?

Can I keep writing about my life,
when it feels like it’s gone against me ?
If I’m not a writer, I’ve got to try.
What else is there I can be ?

Another Late Night

Another late night, fuelled by alcohol, and nicotine.
I stay awake until 5 a.m., talking to friends from the U.S.of A.
They’re 5 hours behind us, so it’s not a late night for them.
The next day, I’m fucked up, feeling hungover through lack of sleep.
Knowing that I haven’t drank enough to get a real hangover.
But, I feel a real need to talk to other writers, other poets
the only people I speak to now are my family, and my pets.
As much as I love them, they don’t know much about literature.Especially my cat, and dog.