Three poems by Sebastian Vice

Poetry, Sebastian Vice

Do Not Darken My Door

Do not darken my door
I will not be there
I have no energy to care

You were a thousand winter springs at night
I was your shadow in pale moonlight
You were the warm sun that slept
I was your cool breeze that wept
You were winter rain on my face
I was your patsy left in disgrace

Do not darken my door
You left me in despair
Don’t pretend to care

Positive Illusions

Life is a woman beaten and raped
Left for dead from her late night date
She pretends everything will be ok
I’ll catch up to him
Or so they say

Life is a child howling in the night
Another beating to scar him for life
With enough therapy he’ll be ok
Or so they say

Life is a drug addict strung out and alone
Trauma tattooed on his soul
A sad life society turned its back on
Surely he deserved more
Or so they say

Miss Me When I’m Dead

I fell in love at 17
It morphed to a nightmare from a dream
Wish it was different
But ain’t no going back
Remember what I could have been
Damn I hate when memories flood back
You had all of me
Then most of me
Then some of me
Now none of me

Sebastian Vice is the Founder of Outcast Press devoted to
transgressive fiction and dirty realism. He has short fiction and
poetry published in Punk Noir Magazine, A Thin Slice of Anxiety,
Outcast Press, Terror House Magazine, and Bristol Noir. He contributed
a chapter to Red Sun Magazine’s forthcoming book The Hell Bound Kids
and writes a regular column called “Notes of A Degenerate Dreamer”
over at A Thin Slice of Anxiety. His flash piece “One Last Good Day”
was nominated for Best of The Net 2021.