Belated Christmas by Ian Copestick

Punk Noir Magazine

Belated Christmas

It was on New Year’s Day
When we finally got together.
Everyone except me in my familyHad contracted Covid.
So Christmas had to be delayed.
But, when it finally happened
It was fucking great.
Tracy, one of my sisters
Cooked an amazing meal,
Or maybe her husband, Phil
Did, they were (jokingly) laughing
Over who deserved the credit for
The meal, all day.
We swapped gifts, as we should
Have on the 25th.
I had 5 cans of Guinness, and a
Couple of glasses of wine.
So I was just merry, not really
We all took the piss out of
Each other, as we always do,
When the family gets together.
It was bloody great.
I enjoyed myself more than I
Had for a long time.
Covid, and cancer had ruined
Our Christmases for the last few
Years, and the death of my wife,
And me and my sister’s Dad
Threatened to destroy this year
Too. But sheer human optimism
Saved the day.
It’s one of the best ones that I
Can remember.
It just goes to show that the
Human spirit is stronger than
We ever give it credit for. Stronger, and stranger

Than we’ll ever know.