Two Poems by Ian Copestick

Punk Noir Magazine

The Best Advice

The best piece of advice that
I was ever given was

that my Dad told me when I

about 7 years old. He

to look out of the kitchen

and he saw a kid who was

a year older than me pushing

around. He wasn’t hitting me,

pushing me around. When I

home, my Dad said, ” What

up with you Ian. Why didn’t you
hit him ? ”
” Well, I was holding my action
” Look son, sod your action men.
You can pick them up later.
If anyone tries to bully you,
or push you about, just punch

in the face as hard as you can.
They won’t try it again. ”
I listened to his advice, and
I’d have to say that its the best
advice that I have ever
been given in my life. I NEVER
got bullied at school, and if
anyone ever tried it, I just
followed my father’s advice.
Sadly, he’s been gone for
about six months.
He couldn’t out punch Cancer.
But, still his advice echoes
through my mind.

Unfortunately, my Dad is
gone now, but I’m belatedly
saying ” Thank you. ”
for the greatest advice ever.

A Bad, Bad Blues

Yes, this has been a bad year
I’ve lost everything I  had.
I lost my wife, I lost my home,
Then I even lost my Dad.

I’ve seen more death than 
I want to ever see again.
I’ve lost my home, my Missus,
And I lost all of my friends.

I’m alone, and I’m so lonely
I drink myself to sleep at night.
I daren’t think of the future,
My heart is full of fright.

Everything that I buy
I only ever think about
About how after I have died
Someone will just throw it out.

All my books, and all my records,
They will give to charity.
No one will care about all
The things they meant to me.

And when I happen to die
No one will grieve for me.
Nobody to say goodbye
No one at the cemetery.

Nobody even standing there
Who’ll pay for a headstone.
Not a single person cares
What will happen to my bones

Ian Lewis Copestick is a 49 year old writer from Stoke on Trent, England. He started writing around the year 2000 and first published in 2018. Since then he’s had over 400 poems published, and several short stories. He’s been in several print anthologies, and nominated for the Pushcart Prize.