The way of the dinosaurs by Albert Kirk Jr

Poetry, Punk Noir Magazine

COP26 Royal Reception
Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum
1st November 2021

You’re right to think it’s fitting
that the leaders of a fragile world
should stuff their guts in Kelvingrove
amongst some plastic dinosaurs
and scraps of ancient empires;
and also
(labouring the point)
you’re right to note the lizards
and dominions are extinct.

And when the deluge overwhelms,
when bleak descendants trawl our dregs
for mangled artefacts they’ll think
of Glasgow COP as Rapture,
the Spitfire and iguanodon
beckoning a gormless clutch
of feckless rich buffoons,
flanked by doleful elephants
and Dali’s hanging Christ.

Albert Kirk Jr is from Ayrshire, Scotland. He has been writing poetry since August 2020. BRISTOL STOOL CHART REQUIRED, his first publication, is available now: