Bin Day by JP Seabright

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Bin Day


Today is bin day it’s usually Tuesday and today is Thursday but that’s because it was Christmas Day on Tuesday and they didn’t come then as nothing happens on Christmas Daynormal service is cancelled I wish I’d known they were coming today I would have put out the rest of my recycling all those cardboard boxes I had so many for all the parcels they use far too much packaging these days and I cut myself onone of them I wonder what the binmen would think finding cardboard covered in blood it’s always binmen isn’t it never bin ladies at least I’ve never seen a bin lady before they probably wouldn’t be so bothered by the blood we deal with blood every month on fingers sheets and dripping down legs it’s easy to happen you can’t always catch the flow in time so I will have to find somewhere else to take all the recycling I could take it to the dump but it’s too far to walk and I don’t have a car anymore I could just stuff it in with the other rubbish but you’re not meant to do that and they fine you if you get caught although I’ve never known anyone to get a fine from doing that and I don’t see how they can check once it’s on the truck how do they know which sack is yours but they took both sets of bins this morning anyway I could hear them from my bedroom so I’ll just have to wait another week unless they come next Tuesday as usual then it’s only fivedays and that’s not so long perhaps the smell won’t be too bad by then it was to have been his first Christmas it was in a way first and last I don’t regret it I couldn’t have kept him wasn’t supposed to have it in the first place but these things happen I made him a manger like in the shop windows and laid him in it he looked so peaceful there I wanted to package him up and send him away to someone else who could look after him better but I didn’t know who and then I cut myself on the cardboard making his little box which made me cross so I packaged him up just for a little bit so I wouldn’t have to think about him for a while then I had to go and find a plaster and make a cup of tea and then I turned on the TV for the Queen’s speech.

JP Seabright word-wrangler / noise-maker / music-lover / life-liver

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