Murder and Mayhem in Tucson by Patrick Whitehurst

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The closest I’ve ever been to Arizona is the movie Raising Arizona by the genius Coen brothers.

However, after reading the immersive and fascinating Murder and Mayhem in Tucson by Patrick Whitehurst I feel as though I’ve been there many times.

I’m a big fan of crime non-fiction and Whitehurst has smashed the ball right out of the park with this latest release. It really doesn’t matter if you have an interest in Tucson, Arizona or if you’ve lived there. This book chronicles the cities bloodiest histories.

War stories, murders, robberies, cold cases, all of the city’s dirty deeds are dragged out into the harsh light of the Arizona sun and laid bare with a cast of characters including none other than the most infamous bank robber of all time; John Dillinger and The Godfather Joe Bonanno.

I really enjoyed this and would highly recommend it to fans of crime non-fiction across the board.

Hitting on September 27th make sure to put it on your To Be Read list.

Tucson is a vibrant, growing city, but beneath the sunny surface lies a dark history. Eva Dugan was convicted of murder and hanged here, the first woman to be executed in the state of Arizona. Gangsters like Joe Bonanno and bank robber John Dillinger were drawn to this corner of the Southwest, and it was home to killers like Robert John Bardo and Charles Schmid, a serial killer nicknamed the “Pied Piper of Tucson.” In 1892, William Elliott, stabbed by a notorious criminal, became the first Tucson police officer to lay down his life in pursuit of justice, but he wouldn’t be the last. Join author Patrick Whitehurst as he delves into the chilling history of Tucson. (Blurb)

About the Author

Patrick Whitehurst is the author of the Barker Mysteries novellas and three books in the Images of America series. His most recent book, Haunted Monterey County, reveals the many ghostly locations found in the Central Coast community. His short stories have appeared in Shotgun Honey, Switchblade Magazine and Hoosier Noir. His book reviews and author interviews can be found in Suspense Magazine. Patrick lives in Tucson, Arizona. Visit him online at