Times Are Tough by Ian Copestick

Punk Noir Magazine

Times Are Tough

My Dad’s funeral
is to be held in
two days time.

I can’t even get
my head around
the fact that he’s
gone, although I
was there as he
took his last breath.

What can you do ?
What can you say ?
Nothing’s going to
make it go away.

Mere words could
never express just
how much he meant,
no ! Still means to

All of the times
we spent playing
football, picking
conkers, him trying
to teach me how to
ride a bike.

( I was useless, and
I’ll never forget how
he laughed as I rode
straight into a fence.)

My God !
The fun we had !

Life gets harder
the older you get,
anyway. Then
there are horrific
things to deal with
like this.

But, nobody ever
said that life was
going to be easy,
or fair.

And it’s not.