An Interview with The Ice-Cool DuVay Knox by Stephen J. Golds

Punk Noir Magazine

Some people you read on the indie scene you just know, this guy is going to blow up. The writing is too good. The personality too big. Some fish are meant for oceans, not ponds.

DuVay Knox is one of those guys. His forthcoming work Pussy Detective TBR by Clash Books has people anxiously waiting and it’s not even out until December. DuVay has hit the indie scene like a hammer blow and needless to say the Punk Noir Editors are big fans.

DuVay, thanks a lot for taking part in this interview series that I’m putting together of all my favorite writers. First off, can you tell us how and why you got started in writing?

Got the itch 2 start writing cuz I luv Pulp Fiction BUTT I aint see enuff of the Black voice in the genre. Plus I wanted to write bout the gritty Sex Life I lived as an escort butt in a way dat had a spin on it.

Grim Reaper

You’re best known for your most recent work The Soul Collector. How did that come into fruition and what were your inspirations for that story?

The Soul Collector is based on idea of a lotta peeps I lost to violence due to the gangsta life they were livin in those mean streets.

What advice would you give to up and coming indie authors?

If U kan SPEAK U kan WRITE & dont let nobody tell U different. So Just write-baby.

What are your plans for here on out?

Mah plan is just to keep writing good/hard/gritty books.

What is an issue you care about deeply?

I kare bout RESPECK frum hueman to anutha irregardless of COLOR/RACE.

What are you reading at the moment?


What are you currently listening to?

MARVIN GAYE – Inner City Blues.

What did you last eat?

Grapes and Peanut Butter.

If you could go on a drinking binge with 5 writers alive or dead who would you choose?

George Jackson/Leroi Jones/Giacomo Casanova/Iceberg Slim/Donald Goines

What would you like written on your gravestone?


DuVay Knox

I cum outta the South, by way of Louisiana and Tennessee, wit these Tales you see listed on this page.

Life has turned me into a Savage Writer of  black pulp fiction, black exploitation, black folklore, and black erotica – gritty shit that makes you wanna laff, cry, scream or make nasty love. 

RUMOR has it I was born frum the last nut in my Daddys sack. And came into this world when HE came. 

Needless to say, my birth was traumatic. 

Thus, I arrived heah wit an Attitude. 

The Doctor slapped me, and I slapped him back. 

And so mah Journey began. 

To find Myself.

I ran them Streets.

I walked the Path. 

I graduated frum Sidewalk University. 

I got my PH.D frum the School of Hard Knocks.

I still haven’t found Myself.

But I did find my VOICE.

So Imma take my time and tell my Stories.

Stephen J Golds

Stephen J. Golds was born in North London, U.K, but has lived in Japan for most of his adult life.

He writes primarily in the noir and dirty realism genres and is the co-editor of Punk Noir Magazine.

He enjoys spending time with his daughters, reading books, traveling the world, boxing and listening to old Soul LPs. His books are Say Goodbye When I’m Gone, I’ll Pray When I’m Dying, Always the Dead, Poems for Ghosts in Empty Tenement Windows I Thought I Saw Once, Cut-throat & Tongue-tied, Bullet Riddled & Gun Shy and the story and poetry collection Love Like Bleeding Out With an Empty Gun in Your Hand.