5 Poems by Mike McHone

Punk Noir Magazine


she was my heroine

she was my heroin

my heroin, she


the thing in my veins

the veins in my thing

the thing that drives

me crazy and drives

my car into walls 

and things


that sick feeling

that feeling sick

everything, sick

sick of everything

and wanting every

thing to stop

to hock everything

to stop the sickness

to stop throwing

up, to stop throwing

stones and words

to stop words from

throwing me, to 

stop and stop and




her eyes, emeralds 

in milk white

I eye her, milk 

white, like


starving for that

puncture, that skin

prick, my prick

starving to 

puncture skin


needing, salivating

salivating for need

the need to need 

and starving to need

and starving 

because of need


shaking hands with

shaking hands and

trading trades for

stacks for packs

for one more

night and one

more night



the taste of

the feel of

the sense of

the want of

the need of

the dream of

her and it

and it is


and it inherits

me, and I

her and it


she was my heroine

she was my heroin

my heroin, she


she was my every


everything, she


her purse, her palette

hues of warm,

and vicious

sticks of auburn

and crimson, a shade 

for every moment


​at work

her eyes a meadow 

and cheeks like 

summer beaches

​after work

smoke clouds on

tawny flats

​other times

violets and lilies and

roses, nude and tan

and bare, gray on 

black on blue


​and like all 

art, she submits her

creations everyday

​and like all

art, there are rejections

those who ignore

and those who

would have her on their


and those who 


and those who 

critique whether she wants 

it or not


​in the museums we 

build and tear down

every day, a woman 

is a painting 

painting the painter

keeping within lines 

drawn for her


before every patron 

and critic 

passing through 

from one end of 

the gallery to the 



noticing her 


noticing anything


Mike McHone’s work has appeared in numerous publications including Ellery Queen, Mystery Weekly, Playboy, the Detroit News, the AV Club, Mystery Tribune, Nine Cloud Literary Journal, Guilty Crime Magazine, and previously in Punk Noir. His short story “A Drive-by on Chalmers Road?” placed on the Ellery Queen Readers Poll as one of the best short stories to appear in the magazine for 2020. Although he lives in Detroit, anyone can stop by for a visit at www.mikemchone.com