The Waking Up by Joan García Viltró

Punk Noir Magazine

All the little furry beasts

on the vast plains of earth;

all the birds that cling to branches, the birds of prey

from their eyries up on the crags,

and the scavengers perched;

all the wriggly fish osmosing the flesh of seas—

but not the sharks that never sleep—;

all that zillion squirmy, creepy crawlies

that brave their way through the whole mycelial mesh,

that worm their way up to the light—

I recall I used to fancy myself the Light

once, or a tiger enlightened the night before

in the midst of a rainy hunt,

or waking up a bug on a shiny white shelf,

or in day care to the chrome beam of a robot—;

all that insane amount of energy invested

in opening their tiny obsidian pupils

one day           will burn the air off this planet:

how do they manage

when it’s nothing but their craving to sleep their dream on?

Joan García Viltró is a teacher and poet based in Cambrils, on the south Catalan coast. His poems are populated by Mediterranean characters and mythologies, and reflect his concern with Nature struggling under human pressure. He curates a Twitter list, @joangv66/Poetry Matters, and reads poems on IGTV, joangv66.ig.