I wish by Sebastian Vice


I wish I wasn’t old and I wish wasn’t sick

I wish demons in my head didn’t fill me with regret

I wish I was a hero and I wish I was villain

Maybe both could die with tunnel vision

I wish I wasn’t me and I wish I wasn’t you

I wish I saw what others see in me

But definitely not you

I wish that I could love

But it’s easier to hate

I wish I didn’t feel and could numb the pain away

Life seems too real and I just can’t fuckin’ deal

Maybe strong pills can wash away this raw deal

Every day is like tear drops in the rain, ya feel?

I wish I wasn’t beaten and I wish I wasn’t raped

I wish for cool waters to wash away my rage

I wish I wasn’t born but I wish I was immortal

I wish my suicides could send me through a better portal

I wish for rewind buttons or something to escape

But my movies didn’t come with that controller

I wish, wish, wish,

On every birthday cake

I wasn’t fucked in the head

I wish, I wish, I wish,

Again, again, again,

I could sacrifice every tomorrow

And just be a kid again

Sebastian Vice pens tales and poetry of a transgressive and dirty realist nature. When not writing, or wasting time, he can be found managing Outcast Press (www.outcast-press.com), a new indie press devoted to transgressive fiction and dirty realism.