Letter from Dakota by Marko Antic

Punk Noir Magazine

Lukić Marija
3401 W. 53 ST st. # 514
South Dakota, 57106

Here I am to call you after a long journey. Let me tell you, my journey was the hardest. If I could halfway I would come back. The children could barely stand the ride. The older one could barely stand the ride. She vomited incessantly for twelve hours, and the rest only from Chicago to Dakota. What can I tell you, this is all nice, but I don’t like it, there is nothing to the South. I can do anything and everywhere, so it’s not a problem for me, but it’s for others. It was easy in Serbia, my husband is sitting at home, and I finish everything else, but now he has to do everything. He says that he would knew what awaited him so he would never come here.

I don’t think this is bad, the sponsor pays for the apartment four months in advance, electricity, and we haven’t connected the phone yet, although the phone also pays the first installment. They give us about $ 500 a month for food and $ 450 for hygiene. One of us has to get a job within four months. The children have to go to kindergarten and school, but I don’t think they will go before March 1, because now it’s February 28th. have T.B.T. So when they finish it then they go to school. School is obligatory for us for at least three to four months. So that we can agree on something easier.

But because of the children, I most wanted to leave. Everyone who left shouted – dear God, what is good, everyone got a job, good salaries, and out of shame, they can’t say how they feel. Those who are used to measuring day and night, they especially gained nothing.

They only give loans here and you can take what you want, but by God, when your salary goes down, you have nothing to raise because almost everything is deducted. It doesn’t have to mean it’s like this everywhere. There are mostly refugees from Germany here now, they are returning them to Balcan or choosing which country they want. There are all nations in Chicago, this is crazy.

What can I write to you, what kind of fools are there, you know, what they were like – here are even crazier. They saw America as if they had conquered it. I don’t care, but to tell you that it’s better there – if only the discipline was better, everything would be great. Here it is said that the war is over and refugees are no longer accepted. And on the news, they report that they will go to war in Serbia again. Who to trust now? We got an apartment and furniture in it, a complete kitchen, every apartment has it, and for each child we got one bed and for us a couple. In the living room sofa and TV.

Not bad, I can tell you, if I had half of this America wouldn’t come to my mind. But because of the children, I wanted to leave the most. Since we left, my husband has no more suffocation,
the children have never coughed or had such suffocation. I don’t know what else to write to you, I think I’ve said a lot about what I’ve seen so far.

Just please, if you write, be careful what you write because this one of mine is jealous and can think of anything. When I earn some money, I said that I would return to Serbia to live there, so that he would not asking me when or why I am returning. That’s it, get a lot of greetings from me. Convey my greetings to Dušan and colleagues a lot. And as soon as I get the phone, I’ll answer right away. For now, we can hear each other through the letter.

Thank you very much for your help and I want us to remain friends.

Take care. Write.

Marko Antić was born on October 11th 1980 in Paraćin, Serbia. He is an underground poet and writer.  His work is published in the fanzine “Green Horse” and Serbian and regional poetry and short stories anthologies. Also in Impspired Magazine. Formal education: Bachelor of  Laws