4 Poems by John Kojak @kojack_thewriter

Punk Noir Magazine


Falling Down

I woke up last night in the middle of the day

The Sunday sun seeping in through 

Broken blinds

I reached for a half-empty beer on the dresser

My head throbbing

I looked over at the crumpled sheets 

The freckled white flesh was gone

All that remained of her were 

A pair of pretty pink panties falling down

Over my old blue-jeans 

I lit a cigarette and coughed 

Wishing I was still drunk, or stoned

Before the loneliness crept in again 

In a week, I won’t remember 

The redhead, or her bright green eyes

But I’ll remember those pretty pink panties,

Falling down 


Father’s Day

You hoped to hear the angels sing,

but there were none

Only the frozen gaze of horror,

as you spied your ticket’s gate

There was some joy in me of that,


My heart as cold as your body blue

Into the earth or into the fire?

The worms squirmed hungrily for you,

but I couldn’t deny the flames their due

Years passed,

and still your memory does not wane

The lingering stench of your spirits,

an eternal reminder of the pain

It’s Father’s Day!

Time to begin

I take off the lid,

scrape off the crust,

and burn you into ashes—again



My dreams were murdered before I was born

By silly clowns and headless goats 

Blind to this, I search endlessly

For the lie that is love 


Not Much

there is not much

left in the world

no God 

no love

no kindness

just the ticking

of the clock

fearing death

we kill

laying waste to 

anyone who ever 

loved us

deaf to the screams

we hear nothing

feel nothing 

do nothing 

we clutch our crosses

and cry

John Kojak is a graduate of The University of Texas and Navy veteran who now lives and writes in the foothills of Northern California. His short stories and poetry have been published in numerous magazines and anthologies including Bête Noire, Pulp Modern, Switchblade, Serial Magazine, EconoClash Review, Blue Room Book’sStories of Southern Humor and Southern Crime Anthology, Mystery Weekly, HellBound Book’s Road Kill: Texas Horror By Texas Writers Vol 5, Poetry Quarterly, The American Journal of Poetry, and California’s Best Emerging Poets 2019, Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Festival’s Boundless Anthology 2020, and Pure Slush Publishing’s The Beautifullest Anthology.