An Appointment with Transit Authority by Cody Sexton

Punk Noir Magazine

We have so much time together still. It can’t end now, not like this. I’ll kill myself if she doesn’t make it. If they come out and tell me she’s gone, I’ll end it. I won’t go on without her. I can’t be expected to stumble alone through the darkness without my light. I’ll wait for the bus and as its passing, I’ll just step out, should be pretty painless. We were supposed to live forever, that’s what we thought, that’s what it felt like, that’s what everyone believes. And I’ll be damned if I’ll just pick up the pieces and move on. It’s  a sin to be comfortable with loss. I won’t do it.

The ER doctor came out and spoke to Mr. Conroy for a few moments before returning to attend to his others patients. At which point the old man stood up, put on his overcoat, and walked to the exit. Outside he stood on the corner and waited.

Cody Sexton is the managing editor for A Thin Slice of Anxiety. His work has been featured in Writer Shed Stories, The Diverse Perspective, Detritus, Revolution John, Due Dissidence, and As It Ought To Be Magazine where he is a regular contributor. In addition he is also a 2020 Best of the Net Nominee for his essay The Body of Shirley Ann Sexton.