While the punk moon watches by Petra F Bagnardi

Poetry, Punk Noir Magazine

The child with the stitched mouth –

her words imprisoned –

makes art of her body parts.

The mother with just a coin in her pocket –

a starving baby at her breast –

finds tales amid the shadows;

and creates a kingdom of plenty for her child.

The veiled women with no rights break the rules –

they grab the wheels.

A young student uses crimson ink –

to memorize all these sanguine stories.

Then she packs her rose and red shoulder bag:

hot-pink pens;

a sword;

a vermilion notebook;

a crossbow;

purple lipstick;

a vial of poison.

For – in a field filled with men –

she will be the only woman.

Petra F. Bagnardi is a TV screenwriter, a theater playwright and
actress, and a poet. She was short-listed in the Enfield Poets’
Twentieth Anniversary Poetry Competition, and was featured in Masque &
Spectacle Literary Journal. Writing as Petra March, she won several
awards and honors. She is also a Library Journal Self-e Select author.