Now and Later by Tia Ja’nae @Articul8Madness

Punk Noir Magazine

i’m calling crew around two to the barbeque

in the queue is something new to get my people through

a munchie chew that grew up hot up on the avenue

in lieu of the cashew they tend to pursue

i got them now and later packs red white and blue

plus a few others classics worth of value

run them to your side chick or your nephew

take my cue pass the squares and then collect the due

the quarters for the long packs the dimes for the short stacks 

the nickels like click clacks dollars let you holler back

cheaper than some apple jacks a vial of 1980s crack

or ham hocks in a roast rack basting in some brown smack

what you got what you want what you need

banana split mango mix will stop that hunger indeed

got a double dose now and later combo coming feed

from my private collection caramelized and brandied

plus a few added essences soaked in good weed

got the chocolate for them chicks with cramps on speed

you cop vanilla on the swirl for an interracial breed

let your tongue do the talking tastebuds are buried

i get this change and make it rain just like its cocaine

just rearrange the side gain and flip it in your vein

leave the mark across your tonsil with a color stain

heave and bark then toss your favorite flavor off the main

i got them in all the packs all the colors and flavors

mystery mix around six ain’t a bad taste to waiver

get that cherry on your tongue like apple on them gators

that you savor like the tropical punch that you favor

got that berry with that dairy for your office secretary

got that cherry with that hail mary football dignitaries

got that sherry whose taste vary and leave you slightly hairy

even scary with a sugar brain freeze taking over your capillaries 

buy the squares if you dare and blow the bag on tweak

cotton candy got a way of slaying the sugar freaks

jonesing rainbow while you lay low contemplating a sneak

it is what it is I’ll see you copping next week

two for ten four for twenty give me money it ain’t funny

put it bluntly sugar junkies like gin rummy tricks that’s clumsy

for the tummies got them gummies get you scummy faces ugly

looking grumpy but you comfy with your buddies

now and later honeys.