Sid and Nancy and 2 More Twisted Poems by @jmainpidd

Poetry, Punk Noir Magazine

Nancy Nancy on the wall

Sid’s body is in the hall

Needle hanging from his arm

Co-dependency was the charm

Killed you both;

Love in reverse

Kiss of death

Triggered a curse

Summoned the un-dead wight

And death came for you both

That night

The only place you could rest

In a grave together at last

Sleep tight

Now forever as one

Eternity’s daughter & son

The Life-Cycle of A Corpse Flower

A corpulent phallus

Emanating flesh flower scent

Enticing carrion loving beetles &

Flesh flies with intent

To pollinate it’s dual sexed

Children – replete with male & female crown

At its base all grown

And sent sans incest

So that its seeds are sown

And continues its ten year sleep

So that it can repeat

This peacock display

Of dormancy, growth and decay

When Bluebeard Ate A Songbird:

Like the ritual of eating Ortolan

You spread your bunting net and

Captured your Trilby whole

Svengalied her with heroin

Transforming even her soul

Trapping Amy – bonded- and

Branded – presented on a plate

You covered yourself respectfully

So no one saw you ate

Her whole – bones

Mixing with sacrificial blood

Sousing with Armagnac

You consumed and 

Ate her whole

Dr Jane Mainley Piddock – Biography

I’m on twitter as @jmainpidd

PhD English literature, Aberystwyth University, theGhost Stories Of M R James

I have been the recipient of a poetry mentoring award from Writing West Midlands & Nine Arches Press, for 2016-2017, by Poet Jane Commane, and am busy writing my book (Casting The Runes – The Letters of M. R. James) with unbounders press.