Evening News Hero By David Cranmer

Punk Noir Magazine

A. Hero happened by

a burning brownstone

just in time to

save a terrified kid.

The latchkey named Ian

was trying to open a  

window that wouldn’t budge.

Hero using his Leatherman

forced the window open

and helped Ian escape.

Local 5 News asked around,

searching for the 6 o’clock lead.

But he was gone, not to be found.

He’d slipped away from 

celebrated hues—you see,

Hero had a past he didn’t

want to revisit, though 

he’d paid his dues

‘Cause an ex-con can 

save two dozen lives 

but a hit and run that kills one,

is enough to mar your life

—as Hero knew.

In his home, all alone

he doesn’t find redemption,

doesn’t even expect it,

just praying for a plateau

where the pain doesn’t hurt

quite as much as the day before.

He turns on Local 5

just in time to

hear the newscaster 

say, “The parents are 

hoping the person who

rescued their son comes 

forward so they can 

say thank you,” 

and that’s 

more than enough for 

A. Hero. 

BIO: David Cranmer is the editor of the BEAT to a PULP webzine and whose own body of work has appeared in such diverse publications as The Five-Two: Crime Poetry WeeklyNeedle: A Magazine of NoirLitReactor, Macmillan’s Criminal Element, and Chicken Soup for the Soul. Under the pen name Edward A. Grainger he created the Cash Laramie western series. He’s a dedicated Whovian who enjoys jazz and backgammon. He can be found in scenic upstate New York where he lives with his wife and daughter.