Scott Cumming’s FML Movie Soundtrack

Punk Noir Magazine

What songs are playing during these key scenes in the movie of your life and why? 

Childhood: The Shaman “Ebeneezer Goode”

This is related to a specific memory of me being in hospital by myself at night with a new walkman and a new tape of the The Shaman album. I think it encapsulates the innocence and unknown of childhood given how many years it was before I knew what the song was actually about.

First Love: Weezer “No Other One”

Fun and overwrought. Am I talking about Weezer or first love?
For the deets, check this out: What Came First… (

Teens: The Strokes “New York City Cops”

The Strokes were like my generation’s own little slice of the NYC Punk/New Wave movement. They were heaven-sent for a teen who’d really fallen head over heels for it after reading Please Kill Me and being guided by a very cool Dad.

Young Adult: Bright Eyes “Lua”

This songs neatly encapsulates being in your twenties as you don’t want the nights to end, but the longer you keep them going the worse they can get. That and the fact that your twenties is just a constant adventure for good or bad.

First Heartbreak: Wilco “Pieholden Suite”

I probably listened to a lot of sad songs during my first and worst break up, but I always remember reaching for this one first. A pretty heartbreaking number.

Working Montage: LCD Soundsystem “Repeat”

This is maybe a slight cheat, but using my creative mind I could see work scenes being interspliced with this one, which was a hot getting ready to go out song.

Sex Scene: Rilo Kiley “Portions for Foxes”

I’m maybe cheating to get one of my favourites in, but it does have a pretty perfect encapsulation of sex in the bridge.

Writing Montage: Phoebe Bridgers “Chinese Satellite”

I’m kind of a new writer and I haven’t listened to music too much when writing. If I do, it is typically post-rock as songs with words tend to bleed into what I am writing or open up another idea that I can’t address in the moment. This first verse sums up some of the malaise I have felt in recent times.

Old Age: Jason Isbell “Different Days”

This was the most difficult one to choose, but I went for this as I think by the time I’m old everything will be different yet again. Plus it’s a kick ass song.

Death: Richmond Fontaine “El Tiradito”

It’s probably morbid to think about funeral music, but at this time, I would pick this. It makes me think of taking a journey through the desert. It’s an instrumental with contemplative notes mixed with dark codas.