Scenes From The War: 21st Century Slave Catchers by Tia Ja’nae

Punk Noir Magazine

dear police…where you go from here/what next an apology or more systematic fear/harassing over tags or the tint not being clear/or made up excuses like you smell a can of open beer/Malcolm X said it’s the ballot or the bullet/and since cops got them gats we know they gonna pull it/say they feared for their lives and all that other bullshit/prepare for more bodies flooding up in the pulpit/it don’t matter if you live downtown or off Euclid/if you college educated or slumming with the stupid/cops will shoot you in the heart faster than a valentine cupid/then take their ass to trial and get off undisputed/what the fuck happened you used to be beautiful/like Starsky and Hutch in a Charlie’s Angels musical/now you’re an ingrown toe nail fucking up the cuticles/festering in the wound like business as usual/out there killing the homeless the hermits and the hookers/school kids grandparents and the innocent onlookers/the cats on the corner and the cats at the butcher/then swear up and down they were just coke cookers/folks can’t even get to church without beef/and worship in their belief/with no grief/because your Indians blocking the entrance with smoke signals from their chief/thought this was a republic instead of a military conquest/democratic governances instead of fascism at its best/passing out pizza don’t make you the city’s finest/when kids keep they hands up and still get shot in the chest/people shouldn’t think of death when the boys in blue/creep up in the rear view/get stopped if they forget its time for tag renew/get shot cuz you pissed they made you pursue/how many stories about cats jammed on the glass/ending with them being shot with a foot on the gas/and the cop in question said he smelled some dank grass/the whole world watching side eying en masse/as an agent of the state I’m sure its big fun/until the lawsuits come since its political oppression/when you pepper spraying soldiers just because they asked a question/or shooting perps with their hands up to teach them a lesson/that alone speaks volumes/that community policing is more toxic than guar gums/it is what it is at the root of the problems/with extenuating circumstances that produce riots to solve them/politicians will step in an be tough on crime/unless its an election year then you doing that time/a few press junkets and you’ll be out on a dime/having a shot with the boys and policing in the grime/there’s a word for that its called treachery/and too many angry motherfuckers won’t let it be/too many bodies ending in personal injury/and now they running free screaming for your misery/just another day on invasion of the body snatchers/boys in blue make due as modern day slave catchers/without a mainline master to tell them who to capture/with a better network of surveillance dispatchers/it’s the land of the free home of the raw mess/cops floss the badges that trap you in the law stress/one wrong move and your name is in the press/with your mama getting notice to buy that black dress/now the cop might get suspended or get checked off absent/but the shit stays the same it never goes stagnant/sensitivity training is good press for the valiant/but behind cops doors we are all enemy combatants.

Tia Ja’nae is the resident satirist as well as another editor with a
corner office at Econoclash Review.  An author, screenwriter, poet,
and playwright, she oversees most of the Quality Cheap Thrills flash
fiction.  Among things she won’t be remembered for are several
independent films and a few albums only her most die hard fans
downloaded from torrent clients.  Her written work of short stories
has appeared in Shotgun Honey Presents Recoil Volume 4, Tough Crime
Stories 2, 45th Parallel’s Journal, as well as Tough Magazine,
Flashback Fiction, Shotgun Honey’s Webzine.  Her upcoming collection
of poems entitled Cunt Classics is due out in 2022 by Close To The
Bone Publishing and her novel is tentatively peeking it’s head winter
2021.  She is routinely classified by order of your government.