3 Poems from Stephen J. Golds

Punk Noir Magazine

Limbo is a Bar in Lockdown 

Often I awake in the early hours of the morning. 

Disturbed by dreams of ghosts 

that rip away my flesh in empty, 

derelict houses that used to belong 

to people I loved. 

I get myself up, make a coffee and 

sit out on the balcony knowing 

I’ll not sleep again. 

I look out over the tops of trees and 

inactive apartment buildings thinking 

about all the awful things I’ve done in my life. 

And sometimes it’s difficult to make it 

through a day knowing 

you’re destined for Limbo. 

At least. 

But then I think about everyone 

I’ve ever known and realize 

I’ll not be alone 

wherever it is I’ll go. 

They’ll always be plenty of 

friends and lovers

to pass the time with. 

Your Heart in My Hands

Looking through your phone

While you sleep softly next to me,

I wonder to myself 

How many hearts 

Have been broken 

Because of these little things?

Maybe an Unromantic Love Poem 

I never shower 

After we fuck 

I just don’t have the heart.

I want to carry the lingering scent 

Of us 


Throughout my day 

Like the smile 

On the face of a joyful idiot 

Named Love.