Three Poems from Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal

Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal, Poetry

Born in Mexico, Luis lives in California and works in Los Angeles.His latest poetry book, Make the Water Laugh, was published byRogue Wolf Press. His poems have been published by Blue CollarReview, Kendra Steiner Editions, Mad Swirl, Pygmy Forest Press,Rye Whiskey Review, Unlikely Stories, and Yellow Mama Webzine.

The Moon in Exile

I extract words from the moon

in exile, suspended over the globe

for all eyes to observe. I assign

the moon a voice, one that must

endure, an honest voice, rough

and hoarse. The moon’s face

shines a light over the city, holding

fort for the morning sunlight.

With the moon in exile and the

morning sunlight, you have all

the light your eyes will ever need.

Crossing my Fingers

Crossing my fingers

is all I can do from falling.

Fear is the feeling

that leaves me in search of beer.

This is my final

day I feel. I cannot get it

out of my head and

it sticks around to

get me in this state of mind.

I prepare my fall

from the grace I never really

achieved. Feelings

of frustration live inside

of me. I stand and

fall on my face.

My fat lip bleeds and

my mouth is full of pebbles.

I can barely speak.

I have no get up.

My fall is permanent.

I am a sad movie

and who really wants to watch?

Go Your Own Way

Do you hide in

plain sight

like a bird

on a wire,

like low

hanging fruit

on a


front yard tree?

Do you look down

when people

stare at you,

like they want

to harm you,

like they

feel they own

the same

sidewalk you

walk on?

These are wars

you do not

want to fight.

You cannot stand

to waste your

time on fools

who do not


that your eyes

are your own.

You do not need

them to stare

at you, to pick

at your eyes

like vultures

feasting on

the vulnerable.

You always go

your own way.

You do not

need to make


of fools who

get in your

way for no

good reason

but to judge you.