Wasted Generations by Ian Lewis Copestick

Brit Grit, Ian Copestick, Poetry

Wasted Generations

Walking through this
lockdown ravaged
town, I see generation
after generation
wasted due to extreme
Government policies,
and insane politicians.

I see frustrated men,
and women, living
on streets filled with
drugs, drug related
crime, litter, and
despair. Men, and
women who can only
deal with their problems
by using, and abusing
drugs, and alcohol.

Across the street,
hanging out on the
street, like the world’s
oldest, and dumbest
teenager, I see an old
He looks so stoned,
that if his eyes were
open, I’d be able to
look into them and
see above the clouds.
I pretend I haven’t
noticed him, and
quickly turn away.

It’s not like I’ve missed
anything, just a load
of mush-mouthed,
incoherent gibberish,
fuelled by alcohol,
and downers.

A generation wasted
in more ways than one.