Switchblade by Mehmet Akgönül

Mehmet Akgönül, Poetry


After all the tears you’ve cried—

Your eyes were about to dry.

I wanted to give you some peace of mind.

You won’t believe it, but I swear I tried.

I can see in your eyes you are up to leave me.

A sharp expression hangs on your face—

That will cut the strings that bind me to this reality.

Is God so cheeky to tear the pages of our love—

from the book of destiny?

A shadow of wings appeared on the wall behind you.

I took the switchblade out of my pocket—

To stab the angel who came to get you.

Your last breath shattered in the air.

I was left with the switchblade in my hand.

I didn’t even get the chance to fight for you.

I stand in front of your soulless body—

Like a statue made of marble that poor quality.

The quantity of emotions I experience suffocates me.

In a hospital room with yellowed walls, my lungs refuse oxygen,

My brain is taken over by the killer genes that sleep in my body.

I’ll take my revenge on the holy one who took you from me—

even if I have to sell my soul!

Bio: Mehmet Akgönül is a poet who lives in Ankara, Turkey. He is studying at Hacettepe University Department of History. He worked as an editor  in an online newspaper GazeteHacettepe. His poems were published in Bosphorus Review of Books, The Nonconformist Literary Magazine, The Rye Whiskey Review, Punk Noir Magazine, Close to The Bone 4.4 Showcase and more… His first book ‘The Role of Literature as Motive for Murder’ will be published from Close to The Bone Publishing in 2022.

Twitter: @akgonulmehmet

Instagram: @mehmetakgonul