The Birds And The Bees by Ian Lewis Copestick

Brit Grit, Ian Copestick, Poetry

I know that I’m not the
brightest bulb in the box,
but it’s only just occurred
to me that far from being
the most intelligent species
on the planet, as we tend to
arrogantly assume that we
are, we surely must be the
Just take a look around you.
The intricacies of the work
that goes into a bird’s nest.
Not to mention the green
factor involving all of the
Or the incredible feats of
engineering involved in
the making of a beehive.
An anthill, a rabbit’s warren.

None of these animals had
to spend 11 years in school,
then college, university or
whatever to build their own
homes. Squirrels don’t need
a City & Guilds qualification
to know how, and where to
hide their nuts. Lions, and
tigers, hunting in the wild
didn’t need to spend 3 years
studying, then a gap year to
find themselves, before they
could do their jobs.
We humans are as thick as
We should be ashamed of
just how useless we are.
I know that I am.