It’s Just Begun by Ian Lewis Copestick

Brit Grit, Ian Copestick, Poetry

It’s Just Begun

If there’s one thing
I know that can lift
me ( temporarily at
least ) out of a bad
depression, it’s music.
Right now I am going
through the worst
bout of depression for
several years.
Yet, walking my dog
just now, the sun
was shining, and the
radio station inside my
head started playing
” It’s Just Begun ” by
the Jimmy Castor Bunch.
Suddenly my mood was
lifted. I could feel the
funk flowing through my
veins. It was all I could
do to stop myself from
spinning in the streets,
and pulling some other
funky moves.
Of course, the reasons
for the depression are
still there, waiting for me
when I come down. But
I’m incredibly thankful for
those few, funky minutes.
Without them, I don’t
know if I could cope.