Two Poems from B F Jones

B F Jones, Poetry

B F Jones is French and lives in the UK. She has flash fiction and poetry in various UK and US online magazines.  Her poetry chapbook, Last Orders, and collection, Panic Attack, will both be published by Close To The Bone late 2021

That brave face

Foundation too pale

For the dark cairns around

Eyes that no longer shut.

Blusher too pink

For a complexion

Drained from the rosiness

Of joy and excitement.

Lipstick too bright

For an austere mouth 

Hoarding stingily 

The last of the smiles.

A little light

You try to find a way out 

Of that dark place  

You ventured into 

Uninvited, slipping inside 

Regretful already 

As the door slowly closes behind you 

And sorrow drafts in.

You extend your hands out

Zombie like  

And open your eyes wide 

Trying to discern the sharp edges

Of insecurities and despair

Against which you stumble 

And bruise

Over and over 

    Until the day 

Someone opens the door 

    And a little light comes in.