Dark Day In November by Kevin M. Hibshman

Kevin M. Hibshman, Poetry

Kevin M. Hibshman has had his poetry, prose, reviews and collages published around the world, most recently in Rye Whiskey Review, The Crossroads, Drinkers Only, 1870, Synchronized Chaos, Yellow Mama, Unlikely Stories Mark V, Literary Yard and Medusa’s Kitchen.

Dark Day In November

We were handed the grim diagnosis in a somewhat desultory manner

by a doctor who acted as if we’d been wasting his time.

We realized then and there that our lives would never be the same.

Watching from the sidelines as the one you love begins to disintegrate

before your eyes.

The one who has rescued you countless times is being squeezed dry

like a sponge until every last ounce of hope is gone.

He cries and cries, writhing in ceaseless pain in the next room.

I feel guilty for being able to take the stairs alone, for any smile that escapes.