Two Poems By Dan Holt

Dan Holt, Music, Poetry, Torch Songs

Dan Holt is blues singer/songwriter/recording artist, poet and fiction author from a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. He has produced 11 albums of original music along with various singles and eps. Like most writers, his work has been published in various tiny online and print journals. After many years away from the poetry scene, Dan has returned to writing poetry in 2021.

Suicide With A Gun

Suicide with a gun

leaves no room

for turning back

No room

to turn the car off

No room

to open the garage

No room

to stick your finger

down your throat

No room

to call 911

There’s no

changing your mind

with a gun

You’re just


Something To Write

On the table

a blank piece of paper

On the paper

a pen

In the pen

black ink

Across the room

the wild eyed poet

sits on the edge of the couch

arms clasped around his knees

Not afraid

that he has nothing to write

Instead afraid

that he does