The Tin God—Daniel Figgis by K A Laity

K A Laity, Linear Obsessional, Music

Linear Obsessional is delighted to present the first of two EPs by the extraordinary Irish composer Daniel Figgis: Figgis (a long time friend of this label) released the magical “Skipper” in 1995. Since then Daniel has primarily worked on extraordinary large scale live happenings involving waterfall, abandoned buildings, forest, World Financial Center New York, Symphony Space Broadway, Wexford Opera House, National Concert Hall Ireland, City Hall Dublin, National Basketball Arena Ireland, underwater choreography conducted under hypnosis at the Olympic Swimming Pool Limerick, and site specific compositions for various ensembles. See

First I should declare that yes, I have ties to Linear Obsessional, so I may be biased when I say that Richard has released an incredibly fascinating array of sound recordings, but 1) everyone has their biases so why not be clear about mine and 2) why wouldn’t I want to be associated however slightly with such an amazing catalogue?

As you can tell from the liner notes above, Figgis has been working in a lot of different mediums and spaces. This recording is a wonderful introduction if you are unfamiliar with them and an absolute treat to anyone who loves sound. The tracks have a texture of sound that transports you to liminal spaces and new vistas. I recommend putting on headphones and shutting out the noise of this unstable world for something more magnificent. The title track offers an almost operatic sweep of sound that vibrates with the very pulse of life. Quite extraordinary.

While I have the digital edition, THE TIN GOD has been released as a limited edition in the Linear Obsessional cassette imprint (design by David Little) with download coupon, and as a download. Both downloads come with a PDF of text, images and further information. The companion cassette THE TYPING POOL is now up for pre-order.