Murder, Barbies and Videotape  by Kristin Garth

Kristin Garth, Noir, Poetry

Murder, Barbies and Videotape 

“Oops, I think I killed her,” Robert Chambers enacting the murder

 of Jennifer Levin with Barbie Dolls on videotape after many

allegations that Levin was the perpetrator

Mimic your victim with a blonde Barbie doll.

Fingers cajole soft PVC to speak

like a puppet, shrieking, soprano drawl.

Pop off a head, mistake of your own strength.

A party pantomime videotape leaks 

by one of your peers you think you have charmed —

eyes and ears you trusted to be discreet.

Look in the camera.  Admit the harm. 

Was it a female who turned over the tape

contradicting your assertions in court? 

Sex diaries, assaults, an attempted rape,

your victimization in police reports?

Do you regret you allowed them to see

that murderers play also with Barbies?