Two Poems from Marko Antić

Marko Antić, Poetry

Marko Antić was born on October 11th 1980 in Paraćin, Serbia. He is an underground poet and writer.  His work is published in the fanzine “Green Horse” and Serbian and regional poetry and short stories anthologies. Formal education: Bachelor of Laws

The Long Goodbye

She would hank up on my left side
Listening to my breathing
Like You, she loved to grabble
To take care of my health, You’re cared about it too
Unlike You, she’s got an apprehension of old science fiction movies
And she often stared at me while I was dozing or watching a film.
Jokingly, I would draw her attention:
– Look! Advertising for “Elvita cakes”!
We were laughing.

I understood  that stare.
Because of You.
While we were walking in the winter, you wanted  to be on my right side
And You  would  let me slip my hand into the pocket of your coat.
I’d watched you tread, with rosy cheeks
Hair pulled into a bun
I would stare.

You would ask – what ?!
Nothing, I would answer.
(your smile, you fool)

In the first months we photographed ourselves
With a cheap film camera
And photos were in color
On photos, You turn out magically.

I brought along the album with these photos of you
While I train traveled in dawn, for the semester verification.
I stared, while the coupe was empty.
In the city I bumped into a former, older, more experienced colleague
We both worked in a bookstore and his father teached literature.
I told him about the new poems, the new job after old bookstore and that I’m in a relationship.
I showed him your photo, the most beautiful one.
He froze.
Then he said with a smile:
You are going to be so messed up when this relationship ends…so messed up.
And he, as always, was right.
I was screwd.

I didn’t tell you about the album and the train
I let you speak about musicians
You were not pleased because I didn’t understood the song of Leonard Cohen completely
And I wasn’t pleased not knowing for the comicbook which will essentially explain the two of us.

You become cold, distant.
You left  in February, after the literary evening
You were a bit surprised that I gave You a book, gift with a dedication
Although I was (un) consciously conscious of what awaits for me soon.

I didn’t  complicate.
I got up, kissed You on the forehead, and I went towards the station and to take a bottle of beer.
Where are you going, You asked. Pulled me by the sleeve. Tightened me.
We struggled for a few seconds. Stopped.
You wanted to see me off, to see how the train departs slowly, leaving
How train wagon becomes a point in the distance  that disappears in the fog.
Of course, it was your way.

Now we both have a cult episode of Dylan Dog
Comicbook called ” The Long Goodbye “
There is also a scene at the train station
And I finally realized Leonard
After the first empty bottle.


In May we are in the nature.
Improvised desk and two chairs
At the edge of the forest.
Somebody carved them
Long time ago.
It’s peacefull.
A few woodcabins in the distance.
Today is Your birthday.
Dark beer and snacks.
Good music in our cell phones.
You are allowing me to kiss Your naked back
And touch You with my lips all over your body.
You are taking my palms
And placing them on your breasts.

We don’t go to the end, for now.
You are scared a bit
Scared of yourself, of everything.
Before bed, You text me.
Is all of this too much for a start
You are wondering.