The man who died by Mehmet AKGÖNÜL

Mehmet Akgönül, Poetry

Bio: Mehmet Akgönül is a poet who lives in Ankara, Turkey. He is studying at Hacettepe University Department of History. He worked as an editor  in an online newspaper GazeteHacettepe. His poems were published in Bosphorus Review of Books, The Nonconformist Literary Magazine, The Rye Whiskey Review, Punk Noir Magazine and The Dope Fiend Daily.

Twitter: @akgonulmehmet

Instagram: @mehmetakgonul

The man who died

I’ll want to hang myself to the trigger

And the barrel look towards infinity

Let the weight of my sinful body

Be the soul of the bullet that will puncture destiny

Filthy minds and reckless human beings

I am the loneliest among this crowd

May be I should wear a fake crown

And sit on the most uncomfortable throne

Like a bad dancer-

Spread to my body, my cancer

I consume my time in earth

It will be a pleasure to get rid of this dirt

Mehmet AKGÖNÜL ***I dedicate this poem to my uncle who continued his fight against cancer until his last breath. R.I.P. AHMET OKKALI. ***